A Traveler’s Best Friend

If you travel often, you probably have the typical travel accessories covered. A neck pillow, some earplugs, or a money belt might make that list. But more than likely, there’s an overlooked and indispensable household item that probably hasn’t made it into your carry-on bag, duct tape. Like a TSA-friendly Swiss army knife, duct tape has evolved into a variety of sizes and colors. Miniature 2″ x 50″ rolls known as (“RediTape”) are small enough to fit in your pocket. Why bring duct tape on your next trip? Here are a few reasons:

  • Mark your luggage making it easy to recognize at baggage claim
  • Make an emergency repair to bags by taping over the tear from inside
  • Temporarily mend clothing or fix a shoe yb covering a hole from the inside
  • Remove lint from clothes
  • Protect any glass bottles you bring home as souvenirs by securing a folded strip of tape around the thickest part of the bottle
  • Seal opened food and beverage in checked baggage to precent spills
  • Deter theft by taping over luggage locks or sipper pulls of your bag
  • Make a label for just about anything with duct tape and a black marker
  • Baby proof your hotel room by covering outlets and securing drawers shut

Travel safe and ready with duct tape on your packing list.


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