A Trip to Chilly Chicago Can Pay for Sunny Miami Beach

Florida beach from Orlando
When you’re planning your 2018 travels, think a little harder about what spending money on a hotel room and a rental car means.  Yes, you need those things for your upcoming business trip, but, if you do it right, you can use the points you get for your own vacation.

Here is a good example:  You’ve got a trip to Chicago coming up, in late January.  That’s hardly a vacation, but—pick your hotel right, book it on Bonwi, and bank the points for a warmer destination later in the year.

You pick the Conrad Hotel, for a modest rate of $225 per night. Book it!  Then look at how many Bonwi points you get….26,707 of them!   Bank the points and then search for something fun around vacation time, say, Miami Beach.

With my 27K points, I’ll qualify for a free night at the Clinton Hotel or the Boulan hotel in Miami’s South Beach.  Sweet!

With rental cars, it gets even better.  I can rent a car for the three days of my South Beach jaunt and use up only 4800 of my points….covering the entire expense!

So, what would you rather do?  Book hotels the old fashioned way, or earn points that you can actually redeem in so many different places and not only for hotel rooms but rental cars too!

In these days when we often combine business and pleasure, when our cell phones are ringing on the weekends and at night, it makes a lot of sense to use the money we HAVE to spend for business travel to make our vacations even better. That’s Bonwi!