Best Practices for Booking Hotels

Your Bonwi membership grants you access to unlimited savings on thousands of hotel rooms. Follow these booking hotels tips to ensure you and your companions can save even more money and enjoy a delightful getaway.

booking hotels

Look into Business Hotels

Hotels that cater mostly to the traveling business individual can often be slower during the weekends and summer months, which can lead to lower prices.

Visit at Less Popular Times

Research your destination’s peak seasons and days. Summer in the Caribbean, winter in Europe, weekends near convention areas and weekdays in resort areas are considered peak traffic times. It’s simple demand and supply economics. Avoiding these dates will save you money and a potential headache.

Tell the Hotel of Any Issues

Issues like noisy neighbors or a messy room can ruin your hotel experience. If this happens, speak up. They could upgrade you for the rest of your stay or provide you with drink vouchers for the bar.

Double Dip Reward Points

Most credit cards offer travelers everything from cash back to bonus points or miles. Booking your next hotel stay with one of these credit cards will give you the most bang for your buck.

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