A San Francisco Getaway: How Do the Points Compare?

The most important number besides the cost of the room are the Bonwi points rewards!

I’m getting ready to head out to the west coast in April, and so, the first place I visited was Bonwi.com to compare how many points that might get me versus other booking sites like Hotels.com.

The thing about Bonwi is that the hotel search is pretty much the same as you’d find on any booking site, but that little number is the key–the rewards.

The most important number besides the cost of the room are the Bonwi points rewards!
The most important number beside the cost of the room is the Bonwi points rewards!

After I stopped being amazed at the first hotel, where my four-night jaunt would set me back a cool $436,932 for a stay at the swanky Francisco Bay Inn, I got down to business. You can see that even if I chose a modest hotel, like the Marriott San Francisco Fishermen’s Wharf, at $316 a night, I’d be bringing home a bonanza of Bonwi points–32866, which I can use for a rental car or for a hotel during a future stay. Bonwi points don’t expire so they will be usable whenever I need them later.

If I bumped the price up to $351 a night, I’d be getting a whopping 42,110 points!! That’s a lot of hotels and car rentals, for sure.

How many points would I get if I booked on Hotels.com?  Well, for the Hotel Bijou, which at $219 is the exact same price as on Bonwi, I’d be happy that I would be able to add the four nights to the site’s pledge of a free night for every ten paid nights.   So I’d earn $219, the value of the free hotel night.

But getting the 15,590 points in my Bonwi account gives me much more.  So not only did I get the best rate, YES, I got points to use in the future. It’s all win-win~

Use Bonwi Points for Your Next Car Rental

Denver Colorado! The majestic Brown Palace Hotel, street art around the city, Denver Union Station, known as the city's living room.
Denver Colorado! The majestic Brown Palace Hotel, street art around the city, Denver Union Station, known as the city’s living room.

Bonwi is known for hotels, but there is much more to the story.  I am making plans for a business trip next May to Denver, one of my favorite cities.

Denver will be hosting the 2018 IPW Travel Conference, where 6000 delegates from around the world meet to hear all about the great attractions that the United States offers visitors. It will be a fun event, full of great networking and meet international guests…and one not to be missed by anyone in the travel business.

First I need to figure out airfare, then a rental car, and then a hotel. I am happy that I have enough Bonwi points to more than cover my four-day rental car needs, and this means I can get a hotel somewhere cheaper, not right in the most expensive part of the city. I’ll be able to get around the city in my own set of wheels. Sweet!

I did a search and found a wide range of car rentals, ranging between 1295 and 1980 points per day, around 8500 total.  That’s perfect because I have 13,500 points to use.

The main difference between Bonwi points and other popular hotel chain points is this flexibility. Other popular sites, like Hotels.com, have a simple premise—buy ten nights, and get the 11th night free.

That’s great but it doesn’t provide the flexibility of using points for car rentals.

How do I earn rewards?

It’s simple!  Search for hotels and car reservations; along with the lowest rate, we also show you how many BONWI Points you can earn. Once you book a reservation and complete travel within 3 to 7 days, your BONWI Points are posted to your account and are available to be redeemed.

For your next trip, try out a BONWI search for hotels or cars. You’ll see the cheapest rates for hotel rooms PLUS you’ll see the points you can accumulate to use to reserve a rental.  

Try finding a car rental in Denver using your Bonwi points now!

 That’s truly a total Win-Win!

How to Rack Up Points for Free Hotel Stays or Flights

free stay at luxury hotel

luxury free hotel stay with Bonwi

Are you getting a big rebate every time you stay at a hotel? Are you turning every few nights that you pay to stay into a free hotel night or flight down the road?

Traditionally it took a lot of stays to make that happen. The only people earning enough points to get rewarded were the road warrior salespeople on the road each week or those who were putting lots of expenses on a hotel credit card. After 10, 20, sometimes 25 stays (or spending $25,000 on their card) they finally had enough points for a mini vacation with that spouse they kept leaving at home.

Now there’s a way to make those freebies happen much faster. If you book through Bonwi instead of the big-name online agencies or the hotels themselves, the rewards add up three or four times faster. A free hotel night or even a flight can happen after just a few nights you’ve paid for yourself. This video shows you how it works:

In that video I run down how much I earned for one specific two-night stay—enough to get a hotel night elsewhere for free. You’ll also see some real point earning rundowns of what you’d get from staying at hotels in Las Vegas,, Atlanta, and Dallas. In the scenario we picked, you would easily earn enough for a few nights in a European capital city during a vacation or for a domestic plane ticket in the USA.

If you are staying at a different Marriott every week and you’ve gotten to a high elite status in their loyalty program, then you may already be getting big benefits from staying loyal. For the rest of us though, the loyalty seems to help the conglomerate corporation more than it’s helping us. With Bonwi bookings, you could stay at four different hotel chains on four different occasions and still probably get to a reward night much faster than the loyalist.

Remember, there are no blackout dates on your bookings: if the hotel, airline, or rental car company has inventory available, you’re in. What you see on the screen is what’s available. No surprises. No gotchas.

Get 1,500 points just for signing up if you’re not already a member. See how it works here.

Getting Big Rewards for Every Hotel Stay With Bonwi

How would it make you feel if every time you stayed in a hotel, you earned thousands of loyalty points that you could put toward anything you want? What if a two-night stay could earn you enough of those points for a one-night stay elsewhere, or 10,000 airline miles, or a retail gift card?

That’s the concept behind Bonwi.com, a relatively new hotel booking company that does more than find you a good rate. You can choose your hotel by the number of points you earn back, then reap some serious rewards after your stay. In my experience this service is a huge step up from what’s offered by the hotel chains themselves, agencies like Hotels.com, or similar RocketMiles.

Orlando Embassy Suites booked through Bonwi with 11,400 points back

To try the service out, I booked a two-night stay in Orlando for a business trip. I didn’t care all that much where I stayed, so first I looked downtown then expanded my search to maximize the rewards. I ended up at an Embassy Suites on International Drive, walking distance to dozens of restaurants and a movie theater. This being an Embassy Suites, I had a living room, a fridge, and a coffee maker, plus there’s a complimentary happy hour each evening with snacks, Bud beer, and brands of wine and liquor you’ve never heard of. Hey, that’s been the formula for decades now and it works.

That pool pictured at the top is an indoor/outdoor affair, there’s a good gym, and the breakfast buffet was quite good. (Not just stale processed food, but an omelet station and lots of fresh fruit.) The hotel was well-maintained and the staffers were friendly. I had to pay for parking, but not Wi-Fi, so no complaints.


I ended up spending $484 for two nights—a relative bargain in Orlando in March, during high season. For spending that amount, I received 11,398 points. Bonwi values these at a penny a mile. You can then take that value and apply it to several different categories.

1) You can top off your frequent flyer miles account: 10,000 points equals 10,000 miles. (A terrific deal since a few hotels stays could get you a free domestic round-trip ticket.)

2) You can get a gift card from the likes of Amazon, Apple, or Target,with 10,000 miles translating to a $100 gift certificate. (Book a few stays with Bonwi before Christmas and you could be set on gifts.)

3) You can apply the points to a car rental.

4) You can cash in your points to book another hotel through Bonwi. (You have more choices with this since there’s no minimum.)

I went for that last option. I’m going to a wedding in Williamsburg, Virginia in May and have an extra night in the area before departing from Richmond. Instead of crashing at an old college buddy’s house—my original plan—my wife and I are staying at a Four Points Sheraton by the airport. I had more than enough points to get this or several other hotels in the area.

cashing in Bonwi points

Don’t ask me how Bonwi works out these great deals on the back end, but in this case I spent $484 and was able to book another hotel stay with the proceeds that was a $129 value. In financial terms, that’s a 27% return on my investment, in just a few weeks. Try getting that kind of return from any other loyalty program you can think of. The only situation I know of where you can do better is when you get a huge sign-up bonus from a loyalty credit card or get a free night at any IHG hotel when you pay your $49 annual fee. But with Bonwi you can do this over and over again, not just once.


It’s natural to be skeptical about a deal like this. At Hotels.com, for instance, you have to stay 10 times to earn a free night’s stay. Then you just get the average value of what you spent over those 10 stays. Expedia gives you just 2 points per dollar spent and then doesn’t dole them out on a 1:1 basis: you need 14,000 points to get a $100 gift certificate. (You spend $7,000 to get $100 back.) The closest comparison to Bonwi is Rocketmiles, which gives you airline points for booking through them. The payout is just a few thousand per stay though, plus you have to pick what you’ll do with the points at the time of booking. In the past the hotel prices at Rocketmiles were almost always higher than you’d find elsewhere, but since they got acquired by Priceline that part is getting better it seems. When I did a spot check for Orlando, only a few hotels were noticeably higher.

Cashing in Bonwi rewards points

I haven’t found any of these drawbacks with Bonwi. Every time I’ve surfed around their site I’ve kept Trivago open as well to look at comparative prices. I rarely found one that was off by more than $10. In fact Bonwi gives a 110% refund on the difference if you find a cheaper price elsewhere after booking. Plus they’re definitely more generous with points. In my Orlando spot check I only found two hotels offering more than 4,000 points on Rocketmiles. On Bonwi I stopped counting after I hit 25 on page 5 of the search results.

There is one catch, but it’s a pretty common one: no elite status perks. I have status with Hilton because I have one of their credit cards, but that didn’t get me anything when checking into this Embassy Suites hotel and I didn’t earn any Hilton points. When I stay at the Four Points by Sheraton, I won’t earn any Starwood points. As a travel writer and not a traveling sales rep though, this is no big deal to me because I’m staying with different hotel chains all the time. I’d much rather get points that have real value from each transaction than to just get a few points per dollar that have to build up for ages with the hotel chain to be worth something. Business road warriors who can be loyal may feel differently.

You can also book car rentals through Bonwi, though in general the points returned aren’t as generous as the hotels. Still, you’re probably not getting much of anything back from that transaction now, so 1,500 easily redeemable points for a car rental is probably a step up.

See how it works here.

Article and photos by editor Tim Leffel. Bonwi has been an advertiser at Hotel Scoop, but had no input on the content of this article. As always, all opinions are our own.

Get up to 40% Back on Hotel Stays with This New OTA

There’s a new rewards-focused OTA that’s out that you should definitely know about. It’s called BonWi.com, and I’ve tried them out twice now and earned 40% and 30% back on two bookings, which is rock solid. I’ve had the chance to get with the creators and learn more about the program (no affiliate links here), and I’ve come away thoroughly impressed.

What is BonWi?

BonWi is a new OTA similar to Expedia.com, Booking.com, etc. where you can book hotels and car rentals. They source out tons of wholesalers to provide you with the lowest price (or guarantee it within 24 hours of booking). While getting a low price from an OTA isn’t exactly revolutionary, BonWi’s award system is unlike any other.

The BonWi award system

When you search for hotels, the default search settings will sort the hotels in order based on the highest number of points earned (note this is not the same as best return %).

LA search results showing returns of 32%, 19%, and 36%.

Each BonWi point is worth 1 cent per point, and the value of of Bonwi points earned can be substantial in some cases.

For example, I recently stayed at the Hyatt Regency in Dallas and earned 35,476 BonWi points. The base rate was $876 for a 40% return (or $354 back).

On another stay at the Marriott Renaissance in Phoenix, I earned 10,017 points on a $319 base rate for a 31% return (or $100 back).

These returns are exceptional even when compared to what I’d earn with even top tier elite status with Hyatt and Marriott.

For example, here’s what I’d earn with Hyatt and Marriott below:

Hyatt Globalist at the Hyatt Regency in Dallas

  • 876 x 5 = 4,380
  • 1,314 elite bonus points
  • = 5,694 points at 1.5 cents per point = $85.41
  • $85.41/$876 = 9.75% back.

That’s $85 back versus $354 back. A difference of $269!

40% back at the Hyatt Regency Dallas.

Marriott Platinum at the Marriott Renaissance in Phoenix

  • 319 x 10 = 3,190
  • 1,595 elite bonus points
  • = 4,785 points at .8 cents per point = $38.28
  • $38.28/$319 = 12% back.

So here it’s $38 versus $100 back. 

And Marriott like Hyatt will often honor your elite status benefits, so on this stay I not only received a free breakfast, lounge access, and free internet, but I also received an upgrade to a suite with my Marriott Platinum status. So this was an all-around win for me using BonWi.

Marriott Renaissance Phoenix Downtown HotelUpgraded to a suite at the Marriott Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hotel.Marriott Renaissance Phoenix Downtown HotelElevate Lounge at the Marriott Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hotel.

*It’s important to note that other hotel loyalty programs like Hilton and IHG are known to deny elite benefits when booking through an OTA (IHG even does this sometimes when you make an award booking).

How to redeem points

As stated, all BonWi points can be redeemed at 1 cents per point.

You can use these points for hotels, flights, or even gift cards (Visa gift cards should soon be an option). You’ll need at least 50% of the points needed in order to do a cash + points booking.

One great thing about the airline portal is that you can book Southwest flights, which is a rarity. Thus, if applied my Companion Pass to the 35,476 points I earned on the Hyatt Regency stay (which I plan to to) it was like effectively netting $708 worth of Southwest airfare for a $876 stay (plus the Rapid Rewards I’ll earn for the flight).

The minimum threshold for gift card redemptions is $100 so it’s on the high side but the rapid point earning potential + the $15 credit just for signing up, often makes reaching this point threshold much more attainable.

It codes as travel

I earned 3X on my Chase Sapphire Reserve when making bookings on BonWi.com. I assume this would be the case for many other cards (cards like the Altitude Reserve excluded).

Is it worth it?

When choosing to book through OTAs you always have to weigh your other options. For example it’s possible to earn alternative savings with:

  • Discounted hotel gift cards (sometimes even purchased with 5X)
  • Seasonal hotel promotions (e.g., double the base points)
  • Online cash back portals (BonWi is entertaining adding this option)
  • Amex Offers

And of course you have to consider the oppurtunity cost of not earning points and stay credits with your loyalty program.

With all of those factors considered, I think BonWi.com is still definitely worth it many cases. At the very least, it’s worth checking out when you’re planning a trip because your hotel of choice might be netting a 30% to 40% return. Even if the returns are closer to 15-20% which would be more common, that’s still more than you earn as a top elite member at just about every major hotel program, barring special promotions.

Overall, you’ll find some properties offer amazing returns while others don’t offer exceptional value, so it’s important to shop around.

I think the fact that you can earn a substantial amount of points on one booking and redeem points at 1 cent per point is big for this program. Many people don’t travel enough to earn enough points on bookings to be able to actually do something with them. Instead, those points just rot away in their account.

With BonWi, you might be able to net a couple of hundred dollars worth of travel or gift cards with just one or two stays, especially since they start you out with $15 worth of points just for signing up. Thus, BonWi can be very practical for those who seldom travel.

Will I be using it?

I’ll definitely be searching BonWi in the future for my bookings and booking when the price is right. I venture to the Caribbean a lot where sometimes it’s hard to find major hotel chains so OTAs have always come in handy there. I’ve also relied on OTAs for bookings in other random places like Portugal. But I also will consider booking my future Marriott stays through BonWi since Marriott has been more than happy to honor my elite benefits.

Are there any cons?

Aside from losing out on elite credit and occasionally on elite perks, the only cons I’d point out are technical in nature. You’ll notice that the search feature is a bit sluggish (think Aeroplan), but that’s because they’re scanning so many different wholesalers to find prices where they can offer such lucrative rewards. The site is also still a bit new so it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that some other OTAs might have. Still, all of my bookings have been smooth.

There’s a chat feature for customer service that I haven’t had to use yet so I can’t comment on the customer service, which I know is often big concern when booking though OTAs.

Final word

The opportunity to earn up to 40% back on hotel stays is exceptional. The fact that I can get the awesome return rates of Bonwi and also still utilize my elite benefits at Marriott properties for free internet, breakfasts, and upgrades is very attractive to me. Add in the 3X on my Sapphire Reserve and ability to redeem points at one cent per point on Southwest, and I think Bonwi is a very competitive product that should be on your radar.

Bonwi: The Travel Booking Site That Pays You Back

The Mayflower Hotel: Living History

Do you have that historic hotel you’ve wanted to visit forever but has always seemed out of reach? For me, that hotel was The Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC. The Mayflower, built in 1925, has witnessed Washington’s history for the past 90 years. From Inaugural balls to more sordid affairs, every corner of the Mayflower has a story to tell.

The Mayflower is steeped in luxury as much as history- and has rates to match. That is, it does during the week while official Washington goes about its business.  Once the lobbyists clear out, rates at The Mayflower drop within reach of mere mortals. I took advantage of The Mayflower’s weekend discounts to enjoy a stay that didn’t break the bank.

Sometimes when you’ve built up a hotel in your head it can’t possibly be a great as you want it to be. My stay at The Mayflower more than met expectations. It helped that I surrendered to the history with a biography of John F. Kennedy in hand. He had an apartment at The Mayflower during his Congressional days (and it’s rumored one of his many girlfriends was a regular there as well). Curled up with Jack, it was so easy to lose myself in time.

Booking With Bonwi And Getting 26 Percent Back

Making the reasonable weekend rate even more enticing is a new booking site: Bonwi. Bonwi is tailored to make travel shopping both easy and rewarding. The site promises up to five times the rewards you can get from other sites. As Travel Hack TravelingMom, I’m all about rewards. But I also take claims with a healthy dose of skepticism. Bonwi asked TravelingMom to test the site and give an honest review.

Imagine my surprise when Bonwi not only met but exceeded its promises!

The weekend I visited The Mayflower, Bonwi’s rates matched both Travelocity and Expedia. Both offer a rewards program averaging 2 percent that can only be used towards future hotel bookings on the same site. Marriott.com had a $10/night lower rate and offered Marriott Rewards points. But you would need to be loyal to Marriott over many stays to earn enough points to use them.

Bonwi not only offered a competitive rate, the site offered a whopping 12,553 points back on a $479 two night booking: a 26% rewards earning rate! Even better, the points are super easy to use. The points posted within a day of checkout and are usable towards airfare, hotel, or even gift cards at the rate of 1 penny a point.

tuscan flatbread enjoyed during trip booked using Bonwi

Edgar’s Tusca Flatbread was great as lunch but was even better as leftover dinner. Photo by Dia Adams, Travel Hack Traveling Mom

Savoring Our Stay

A highlight of using Bonwi was knowing that I had rewards waiting for me when I got home. That gave me flexibility to splurge where I might not have otherwise.

Among the long list of Mayflower Alumni is J. Edgar Hoover ,who dined in the hotel’s restaurant daily for decades. Edgar’s restaurant in the lobby pays homage to Mr. Hoover while presenting a menu that is firmly in the 21st Century. I met some friends for lunch in the storied setting. We loved our Tuscan Flatbread bursting with dried figs, crispy prosciutto, caramelized onion and Gorgonzola for lunch. And I loved the cold leftovers even more at dinner back in my room.

Reaping Booking Site Rewards

Now I’m back home with 14,053 Bonwi Rewards burning a hole in my pocket–the points from my stay plus 1,500 bonus points customers get for signing up. The easiest way to cash out is with a $100 gift card to Amazon, Target, or any number of retailers or restaurant chains.

I plan on using mine on my next hotel booking. Disney World is an especially good value using Bonwi as it’s really hard to find ways to save on Disney Resorts. My points cover a night at Pop Century entirely (April 30) or I can use them for $140.53 towards a higher level resort and pay the difference. The room rate is exactly the same as on Disney’s own site.

I’ll still get all of the benefits of being a Disney Resort guest including Magic Bands, Early Magic Hours, and early access to FastPasses. I just won’t have to pay for it!

Does Bonwi Sound Like A Site That Could Work For You? I’d Love To Hear Your Thoughts In The Comments.

Bonwi is a new travel booking site that promises up to five times the rewards you can get from other sites. Does Bonwi live up to the hype? Travel Hack Traveling Mom checked out the site. You might be surprised by what she found.

by Dia Adams, Travel Hack TravelingMom

Bonwi.com: Buy Hotel Rooms, Earn Rewards Faster

Have You Heard Of Bonwi?  It’s A Simple And Easy Way Book Hotels And Accumulate Rewards You Will Actually Use

The Saratoga Hotel in Havana.

The Saratoga Hotel in Havana.

Bonwi. It means, Fly Free Fast and Easy.  I think they’re on to something.

Bonwi is a new website that has simplified and flattened out the arcane and mind-numbingly complicated world of hotel and airline points.  If you, like many of us, aren’t interested in ‘mileage runs,’ or signing up for credit cards to get bonus rewards, this might be for you.

Here’s the premise: Book hotel nights on an easy-to-use, and transparent website, Bonwi.com.   Every night you book comes with points — a lot of points.

For example, I recently visited America’s fifth largest city, Brooklyn, New York.  I booked a two-night stay at the Marriott New York Brooklyn Bridge, a very cool and happening hotel recently renovated in downtown Brooklyn.

The reservation for two nights was a reasonable $519.  I qualified for 12,000 points.  So if I went back and wanted to book another hotel night, there or any other hotels, I can browse  hotels by “Bonwi Points” instead of “Dollars.”

Here are some questions and answers about Bonwi: 

The Aloft Hotel, in Boston, Massachusetts.

The Aloft Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts.

When do you get the points?

Rewards earned will show as pending until after travel is completed, please note that it will take between 7 and 21 days after your trip for the miles to become available to use on the Bonwi website.

What about taxes, like with airline points?

There are no taxes like you find when you redeem airline or hotel miles. It’s all internal, no middle man is needed because it’s all handled by Bonwi itself.

Faster Points

Unlike many airline and hotels rewards programs, the amount of points you’ll earn is not based solely on how much you spend or how many nights you stay in a hotel.

The William Vale Hotel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The William Vale Hotel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  The view from the top bar is extraordinary!

This allows Bonwi users to accumulate points faster by selecting options based on both the best available price and number of Bonwi points offered.

“The number of Bonwi points needed for a free airline ticket, hotel stay or gift card is based on the cost/value of the item. We simply take the retail price of what you want to redeem and convert to Bonwi Points at 1 penny of value for each one,” is how Bonwi explains it on their website. Full FAQ here.

The Math Works Well

For example; a $200 airline ticket you’ll need 20,000 Bonwi points; A $300 airline ticket would require 30,000 Boni points. A $100 gift card would be 10,000 Bonwi points; a $189 hotel stay would require 18,900 Bonwi points.

Bonwi points last for two years following the date of your most recent reservation.  Can they be transferred? No, not at this time, Bonwi points must be accumulated in and redeemed from a single user account

The Bonwi price guarantee means you won’t find the hotel room for less anywhere. They even go one step further, with a 110% guarantee, so they’ll pay you extra if they can’t match or beat the price.

Is redeeming free airline tickets using Bonwi Points based on the availability of seats that are set aside by the airlines for rewards bookings?

Plantation Club Resort, Seychelles.

A: NO! When using Bonwi Points for airline tickets you can book any seat at any price using the one cent per mile equation. There are also no blackout dates when using Bonwi Points. Earn enough Bonwi rewards and take any flight anytime!

Each Bonwi point is worth a penny… so the 12,000 Bonwi points I got from my two-night stay in downtown Brooklyn, NY is worth $120.

I like that.

It’s not going to be very hard to get enough points for one or two more nights in a different hotel. One thing to keep in mind is that the high season for hotels that starts in March is far different in terms of how many points are awarded.  The points swing from offering 600 in a high demand season to 6000 on a low demand season.

Lunch with My Friends

Some hotels are offering bikes to guests as a new amenity.

The Shaftsbury Hotel in London.

I joined my regular male friends for lunch and I brought up Bonwi, when I was discussing where I had spent the weekend.  Marc, a savvy former radio station magnate, took out his iPhone, and said.  “I like it, since it’s faster to be able to actually redeem the points than other loyalty programs.”

Like so much of us, he relies on the handheld so the way the site works on a phone weighs heavily on how it will be accepted here.

Marc said he liked the user interface and went to look up a San Francisco hotel he had recently stayed at.  Prices were comparable.

Then Bernie, across the table, looked up a place where he grew up. A small town in Tennessee with four hotels.  Two of them came up on Bonwi, very low rate and less Bonwi points than the higher end hotels.

If they can find hotels in a tiny Tennessee town, they’ll most likely have plenty of choices in large cities. I can vouch for that, 400,000 hotels are listed on Bonwi’s site.

How Other People View the Site

I asked several young women in their early 20s to try out Bonwi.com.  Here is what they said.

“Site was easy and straightforward to use; very simple layout Better prices and rewards system than competitor Expedia.com.  “The ability to gain miles and use them on future trips makes it enticing to purchase hotels and flights.” – Catherine, UMass Amherst student

“Seems almost too good to be true… The Bonwi website explains the rewards process clearly for new users with a FAQ section and live chat option.”  All of people interviewed explained they would rather use the points on purchasing flights than hotels. Having the ability/ choice to search for flights and hotels using either money or miles earned is a nice benefit of Bonwi.

“Without having you explain to me what the site was, I don’t think I would’ve known. I didn’t find that they promoted their benefits that well, it almost seemed just like a Kayak or an Expedia. But when I did understand the benefits, it seemed like a helpful site since I fly so frequently for work” Meghan G. Naples, FL

“I was doing some research into booking for different places but it was loading so slowly that I started getting frustrated. It doesn’t really provide the immediate results as quickly as other search engines do”. –Adam C. NSW, Australia

“I compared my search against Hotels.com and the rates were pretty much the same, but what surprised me was how quickly the points seem to accumulate. The Bonwi point system is definitely worth it compared to the book 10 nights and get 1 free I was getting from the other site” –Paul G. Boston, MA

“The prices are generally the same as compared to other travel sites and the benefits definitely seem to accumulate much quicker than they do. I’d definitely use it just for booking random hotel trips for weekends and such. I don’t see why not”. Aleah F. San Francisco, CA

See what some other travelers are writing about  Bonwi at TripAdvisor.com

See for yourself. Visit Bonwi.com

Bonwi is a GoNOMAD advertiser, but the opinions expressed here are the author’s own.

By Max Hartshorne
GoNOMAD Editor

How to Use Bonwi to Get FREE Flights & Hotel Stays

As frequent travelers, we spend a significant amount of time booking all sorts of travel arrangements including hotels, flights and ground transportation. With so many travel booking sites out there, it’s tough to know which one will give you the most bang for your buck. Enter Bonwi.

Bonwi is a hotel and car rental booking site like no other — and we’ve tried them all. Bonwi offers a unique approach to reward points which gives you an incredible value — many times 20% or more of your booking price.

Compared to other hotel booking sites who give an average of 1% to 2% back in rewards, this is a phenomenal rate of return! Add their 110% price match guarantee to the equation and it’s really a no brainer as to where we’ll be booking our hotels from now on.

Bonwi asked us to book two weekend trips using their site to see how many points we could accrue with four nights of hotel stays. The results? We now have $276 to put towards a hotel or flight on our next trip!

Find out how easy it is to accrue rewards points on Bonwi and make sure to sign up through our link to get your first 1500 (equivalent of $15) in rewards!

How to Use Bonwi to Get FREE Flights & Hotel Stays

How to Use Bonwi to Get FREE Flights & Hotel Stays

How is Bonwi different?

Unlike other travel booking sites, the rewards you earn are not directly related to how much money you spend or how many nights you stay in a hotel. Most booking sites give you 1-2% of your purchase price, but with Bonwi, it’s not uncommon to earn 20-30% of your purchase price.

When you search their site for a particular destination, the number of Bonwi rewards you will earn is displayed next to the price. The default list “sort by” shows the highest Bonwi rewards first, however, you can change this to “price low to high,” “rating high to low,” etc.

How easy is it to accrue free flights and hotel stays with Bonwi?

To test out the site, we booked two weekend trips (2 nights each) and received $261 worth of Bonwi Rewards plus the $15 we received when signing up, for a total of $276. We spent $1102 total on these 4 nights, so that means we received 23% back in rewards.

To give you a few more examples, here are some screenshots of my recent hotel searches on Bonwi.

How to Use Bonwi to Get FREE Flights & Hotel Stays29% Back for Boho Prague Hotel in Prague!

How to Easily Accrue Free Flights and Hotel Stays with Bonwi34% Back for Arizona Grand Resort in Phoenix!

How to Easily Accrue Free Flights and Hotel Stays with Bonwi29% Back for Townhouse Hotel Miami!

Does Bonwi price match?

Yes! Not only do they price match, but they also give you an additional 10% off. So you’ll be paying 10% less than the cheapest rate available online and you’ll still get to keep your Bonwi rewards for that booking. It’s a win win.

In order to take advantage of the price match, all you have to do is click on the link at the top of their home page to submit your claim.

How to Use Bonwi to Get FREE Flights & Hotel Stays

How many points do you need for a free airline ticket or hotel stay?

Bonwi rewards are valued at 1 penny each. So for a $300 flight or hotel stay, you’ll need 30,000 Bonwi rewards. The rewards we earned from 4 nights in a hotel are worth $261 towards a flight, hotel or gift card. If your flight or hotel stay costs more than your rewards, you can choose to pay the remaining balance yourself as long as you are paying at least 50% of the item cost with Bonwi rewards.

Here’s an example of a couple of flights we can get for free with our rewards. We can get TWO free round trip flights from San Diego to San Francisco or one free round trip flight from San Diego to Miami (which is normally a $400-$500 round trip flight for us). We can also use these rewards for hotel stays, gift cards, or a VISA cash card.

How to Use Bonwi to Get FREE Flights & Hotel Stays2 Free Round Trip Flights from SAN to SFO

How to Use Bonwi to Get FREE Flights & Hotel Stays1 Free Round Trip Flight from SAN to MIA

Do you have to pay fees or taxes when redeeming your rewards?

Nope! There are also no blackout dates when redeeming your rewards.

Can you cash out your Bonwi rewards for gift cards?

Yes! I don’t know of any other hotel booking sites that offer this perk. If you decide you don’t want to use your Bonwi rewards for travel, you can choose to “cash out” by using your rewards to purchase gift cards to places like Amazon, Home Depot, Apple and even a VISA cash card!

How to Use Bonwi to Get FREE Flights & Hotel Stays

Do Bonwi rewards expire?

As long as you’ve made a reservation on the site within the past two years, then your Bonwi rewards will not expire. If you don’t think you’ll use your rewards in that time frame, you can always cash out with a gift card.

Get 1500 points just for registering with our link!

Make sure to sign up through our link to get $15 (1500 points) just for registering. Tell us in the comments how many Bonwi rewards you were able to get for your booking. We love helping people save money!

How I Book Cheap Hotels with Bonwi.com

Since my online stuff took off, and I could say goodbye to $10 dorm rooms and hello to nice hotels, I’ve scoured the internet to find the cheapest ways for me to book hotels online. Booking.com, Agoda, Expedia – they are dime a dozen, and sure they’re pretty user friendly, but how good are they really? By 2017, we all know the ‘80% off this room’ is rubbish, and their promo rate is just the actual rate! Still though, they’re easy to use so we persevere anyway, for better or worse.  Not anymore!


A blogger friend of mine reached out to me when they realised I pretty much live in hotels for more than half the year. Asking me about how I book them etc etc, and then they told me about Bonwi. I said ‘Not another bloody hotel booking platform, no thanks’, but she wasn’t having any of it. Swearing it’s actually different, actually better. Grrrr, so I gave in and gave it a crack.

bonwi.comThe Bonwi.com homepage

How’s it Different?

This is what it’s all about. So how does it differ from every other almost-identical booking agent. First, the bad stuff. It takes a little longer to search for your hotels, maybe 5 to 10 seconds instead of 1 to 2 seconds which is a bit annoying but worth it when you hear the next part. The reason why it’s that split second longer is apparently it scours all the famous sites to make sure it quotes the lowest possible price, then on top of that, it has to use its crazy algorithms to work out how many points it can feed you right back. So, sure I don’t like waiting 7 seconds or whatever, but if I get 25%+ back in points, I’ll take it on the chin.

So, I was looking to book a hotel in Lombok, Indonesia for my girlfriend and I later this month for 3 nights. I wanted something pretty lush because I need a break and she’s on my case about traveling so much all the time, time for some pay back before I hit the road again! Anyway, I jumped on Bonwi.com and clued in all my details:

bonwi.com reviewBonwi points….

Bonwi points

Check out the Novotel property – I booked it and got almost 20,000 points back (I took this screenshot today, it’s dropped to 15,000 points, still pretty awesome). Roughly speaking 100 points = $1. My total booking was about $600, and I got $200 back in points – 33% credit, unreal.

Next up, I’m taking my mum to Komodo to visit the dragons, same gig again. Booked 2 nights for $200, got about $60 back in points. So now I have almost $300 to spend in points on their website from 6 nights booked.

Now I discovered that I can use these points to book hotels directly on their site of course, but also for car rental and flights, aaaan even Visa cash cards! Insane.

bonwi pointsRedeeming points for hotels, airlines and CASH cards!


The site is in its infancy, so sure it could search a little faster. It could look a little sexier too. But in terms of getting back what you put in, no other hotel site comes close. It offers the same super cheap prices as other booking engines BUT you get up to 30% back, and then you can redeem those points in loads of way. I wish I had known about this when I was booking hotels in every corner of the world, but better late than never! Give it a crack and let me know how you guys get on, it’s pretty epic!