Smart Phone Apps for Travelers

Smartphone and Tablet Apps can be useful before and while traveling. You can greatly extend your device’s usefulness by downloading additional tools, such as restaurant reviews, translators, and transportation apps. These apps are available on most Apple, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry platforms.


These apps will help you prepare for your trip before heading out. Packpoint is an app that automatically generates a checklist for you around weather forecasts, particular activities, and general necessities to help you pack. XE Currency is one of the most robust currency converter apps available. It is constantly updated to offer live exchange rates for “every world currency and precious metals”.

Getting Around

You’ve arrived at your destination, but how do you get around? The following apps will help. Uber is the global leader of ride-sharing apps that allows you to request a car directly after choosing from an assortment of differing vehicle rates and fare quotes. Google Maps is one of the best navigation apps around. Citymapper is one of the best tools to find and utilize public transportation.

Local Knowledge

These apps suggest the best-rated places to eat or visit. TripAdvisor allows you to quickly find millions of reviews, opinions, videos, and photos pertaining to just about anything related to your trip. Yelp has become the official Yellow Pages of restaurants and bars. It’s an excellent resource for when you’re looking to hit some of the best spots in the country you’re visiting.


These apps help you to translate on the go or brush up on your language skills. Google Translate provides translations for more than 103 different languages. Either type something in a foreign language, or have someone speak clearly into your microphone for an immediate translation. Duolingo is a well-designed language learning app. Just like a computer game, the app guides you through levels that help you learn the basics, or keep yourself fresh on the grammar and vocabulary of a foreign language.

By using these tips as a guideline, you can better organize and prepare for your trip. Stay tuned to Travel Tip Tuesdays for more in-depth information about the best way to travel.


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Top Family-Friendly Resorts

Planning that family vacation? Looking for a resort that is both relaxing and kid-friendly? Check out some of our top picks of resorts that makes time off with the kids as good as it gets.

Beaches Resort Villages & Spa
Turks & Caicos Islands
This family favorite (voted a T+L World’s Best Hotel for Families) has a Scratch DJ Academy, a 45,000-square-foot water park, a surfing simulator, and 12 miles of white-sand beach.
Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa
St. Lucia
St. Lucia’s largest water park, with slides, waterfalls, and a lazy river. The resort hosts a kids’ club, family karaoke, zip lining, tree house, mini rock wall, and movie nights.
Tyler Place Family Resort
The property hosts up to 70 families weekly, but what sets it apart is that there are nine age-specific camps designed for infants and kids up to 15 years old.
Ski Portillo
Amenities include: seven days of lift tickets, four meals a day, fitness center, pool, yoga classes, a kids’ game room, climbing wall and movies. Free childcare is available for kids ages 4-7.
Paradisus La Perla
Milk & cookies at turndown, mini-bathrobes, a kid-friendly mini-bar, and complimentary walkie-talkie or local cell phone are just some of the thoughtful touches you can expect.
Skytop Lodge
You can zip line through the Tree Top Adventure Course, play laser tag or paintball, set off on a GPS-guided nature hike, or, in the winter, go dogsledding with the resort’s own team of huskies.


By using these tips as a guideline, you can better organize and prepare for your trip. Stay tuned to Travel Tip Tuesdays for more in-depth information about the best way to travel. And don’t forget to start planning your kid-friendly vacation with

Traveling with Children like a Pro

Pulling off a great family vacation requires a lot of planning, patience and effort. You’ll get better at all this, the more you travel. Here are the top tips for having a great time while traveling with children.

Give Them a Camera

Giving a child their own (robust, child-friendly) camera encourages them to observe their surroundings and focus on what interests them. You might be surprised at the results from their knee-high view.

Digital Toy Box

Thanks to child-friendly apps, there’s no need to cram a toy box into your hand luggage when travelling by plane. By all means take a book and a magic scribbler, but the most compact form of entertainment is a device loaded with apps and games.

Invest in a Child Locator

Children aren’t fans of reins, backpacks with a leash. Keep tabs on them anywhere with a child locator. The child wears a small “electronic device” (strapped to a belt or shoe) and you keep the transmitter. If you lose your child, set off the alarm and follow the sound to find them.

Book Ahead

Trying to retain the spontaneity of travel before having children doesn’t pay off. If you arrive at your destination to find you can’t get a room and have to hit the road again with tired, hungry children melting down in the backseat.

By using these tips as a guideline, you can better organize and prepare for your trip. Stay tuned to Travel Tip Tuesdays for more in-depth information about the best way to travel.

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Reward Points Battle: vs. Bonwi

Las Vegas hotel rewards rewards compared to Bonwi

If you use Bonwi to book your hotel stays, you’re probably going to earn a big reward payback much faster than with other services. How much faster? Let’s compare how long it would take to get a free hotel room night from compared to

We picked three cities in the USA and assumed you had a budget of less than $150 per night. Then we looked at how many nights you would have to book to get a free hotel stay in return.

How the Programs Work

With, the rules are easy to understand: stay 10 nights and get one free. “The value of your free night is the average price of the 10 nights you collect.” Once you have completed 10 hotel stays, you can book whatever hotel you want at any time with the credit based on the average stay amount.

With, it’s less simple but that’s because the points you earn are variable. The upside is much greater. Instead of having to stay 10 nights to earn an award, you could earn a free stay after just two or three nights. See some real examples in this video.

There’s also upside on the redemption part since the payout is not an average of price paid. Your points may be worth more in some markets than others, so you can cash in faster just by choosing a hotel requiring fewer points.

What Would You Get From 10 Nights of Stays?

Let’s say you actually do stay 10 nights in hotels over the course of several months. To check out what would happen in a real case scenario, we looked at real booking options for December and January in three well-traveled cities: Las Vegas, Orlando, and New Orleans.

Las Vegas hotel rewards

If you booked three nights at the SLS Las Vegas, you would pay the same at either site: $391 for three nights with taxes, but really $488 once you factor in the rip-off $32 “resort fee” that really should be included in the rate. With you would earn 3 credits of your 10, or 30% of what you need for a free stay. With Bonwi you earn 9,641 points. That’s enough to actually book another hotel already in Las Vegas the following week: one night at Golden Nugget, Planet Hollywood, MGM Grand, or many others.

In other words, 30% of the way to a free night vs. 100% of the way there.

If we then book four nights in Orlando at Holiday Inn Express Sea World we’ll pay $304 total with taxes/fees and earn 9,321 Bonwi points. The Ramada Plaza Resort would be $341 for four nights and earn just a shade less.

At you would be four credits closer to your free night, but the average comes down because these hotels are cheaper than the one in Vegas: $74 or $101 per night. At Bonwi, once again you’ve earned enough to cash in for a free night in most cities, or you can combine the points with what you earned in Vegas  and be at close to 19K–enough for two nights somewhere or one night in a luxury hotel instead.

Then let’s say we have to go to New Orleans in January for a trade show. The official hotel is out of our $150 budget range, but either of the choices pictured below will do the trick. For each of them we earn more than 7,200 Bonwi points for our stay. At we pay the same amount and would have finally gotten to our 10 nights.

New Orleans hotel rewards

Yippee—we get a free night’s stay! But hold on: that free night is based on the average of what we have spent per night, which comes out to $102 if we picked  the Hotel Modern for this last stay and the Holiday Inn Express for Orlando. Their formula would be $341+$304+$378 divided by 10. You can now book a hotel with them that is listed for $102 or less.

With Bonwi, in contrast, we are up to 26,525 points earned from those same 10 nights. What can you get for that? Here are some ideas:

  • 3 nights at most Las Vegas off-strip hotels or at MGM Grand
  • One glorious night at the Ritz Carlton in New Orleans (dollar value of $349)
  • Any plane ticket valued at $265 or less
  • A $250 gift certificate to Target, Best Buy, Amazon, or the Apple Store.

Your rebate value from Bonwi ranges from 25% to 35% depending on how you use the points. Your rebate value from is always 10% and you can only use it for hotels. With Bonwi you can use your points at any time. With they are useless until you have spent 10 nights in hotel rooms booked with them.

The winner in this rewards program battle between and Well, that depends on whether you prefer to earn a little or a lot.

Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers

There’s nothing better than giving gifts that people will really use, especially for friends and family who frequently travel. With the holidays fast approaching, this week’s Travel Tip Tuesday focuses on gift ideas that make travel easier and more enjoyable for those in your life.

Travel Books

Before visiting a new destination, most travelers love to read up on where they are headed. Travel books are full of information about local highlights, directions/ways on how to reach them, and what to expect upon arrival. You might also consider including a day pass or membership to a local museum alongside the travel book/guide.

Travel Clothing

One pro travel tip is to be prepared for anything, and clothing is no exception. Whether the person receiving your gift will be roaming the streets of London or the trails of Machu Picchu, brands like L.L. Bean and REI design travel-focused clothing with features such as hidden/extra pockets, wrinkle-free fabrics, and easy layering. Consider gifting a lightweight and wind-resistant jacket, fashion forward all-terrain footwear, or a comfortable pair of jeans that can handle the wear and tear of being on the road.

Dry Bag

You’d be surprised how handy a dry bag can be while traveling; particularly for the travelers in your life who enjoy kayaking trips, hiking, or any kind of adventure travel. A dry bag keeps clothing, food, electronics, or anything else sealed airtight. It’s an inexpensive gift that can prove invaluable during a sudden thunderstorm.

Travel Towels

Not all towels are made equal. A quick-dry travel towel is essential for most backpackers and hostel goers because they’re easily repacked without dampening the rest of your belongings. Full-sized travel towels take up much less room than regular towels because of their micro-fiber design.

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are essentially small bags that are packed separately before anything is added to your suitcase. They also help keep everything organized and protect belongings from water damage, spilled shampoo or toothpaste, etc. They can be purchased individually or as a set and are an ideal way to keep any suitcase neat and tidy. Clothes and other travel items can be grouped together to make unpacking and repacking a breeze.

Portable Games & Journal

Small games can offer a little entertainment for a long plane, train, or bus trip. Not only will they help pass the time, they can also give you a reason to get to know the passengers sitting nearby if you invite them to join. A journal is also a great gift idea, as it allows travelers a means to pass the time and keep record of their new experiences made along the way.

While you’ve got many gifting options this coming holiday season, just remember that a travel gift will go far, and remind them of you when they’re away.


Stay tuned for the latest edition of Travel Tip TuesdayHear from our experts on all elements of travel as they share their personal experience and knowledge, which spans everything from fascinating must-see locations, to practical and informative suggestions.  Ready to explore? Let Bonwi help ensure that your next getaway is the best one yet.

Best Time to Book December Travel

When is the best time to book December travel? It’s a simple question, but the answer depends on a few things, namely your plans, your flexibility, and the type of travel you’re taking. Because December is a busy travel month, finding the best rates requires a strategy. With that in mind, we’ve crunched historical travel data for December so as to provide you with better insight on how best to book travel in the coming months.

Flights Vs. Hotels

The first thing to consider is the difference between airfare savings and hotel savings. Airlines have become increasingly adept over the years at ensuring that every possible seat on the plane is filled before takeoff. Hotels, on the other hand, have far more flexibility in their booking availability, leaving ample opportunity for last minute deals.

The Best Time To Book December Flights

Some travelers are still under the impression that the earlier you book a flight, the better rates you’ll get. We found that 20% of travelers in 2016 booked their December flights at least 70 days before their departure date. On average, these passengers paid 70% more than those who purchased their tickets during the optimal booking window. It’s worth noting that longer-haul flights tend to get booked earlier and that this plays a part in higher prices, since the best deals are rarely found when booking more than 70 days in advance.

We also know that booking flights last-minute can be costly. Despite this, nearly 10% of travelers waited until just 10 days before booking their flight, and we found that travelers who booked flights within a week of their departure date paid nearly 50% more than those who booked during the optimal booking window. So what is the optimal booking window? Travelers booking flights from 60 to 70 days prior to departure saw the lowest ticket prices.

The Best Time to Book Hotels in December

On the contrary, we found that it pays to wait when it comes to hotels. Last December, the lowest hotel rates came to those travelers who booked from 1 to 25 days before their check-in date. Those looking for rooms over New Year’s Eve, saw rooms become substantially cheaper over the last few days leading up to the holiday – as much as 40% less than the average price 30 days out from check-in. Booking hotels last-minute can pay off, but just remember:

  • Exceptionally popular destinations, like Manhattan over New Year’s Eve, may book-up quite early. By comparison, a beach cottage on California’s Central Coast could likely offer a fantastic last-minute deal.
  • The number of travelers booking last minute hotel rooms (1 and 2 days out) skyrockets, meaning you some of the better options may sell out quickly. Keep an eye on availability.
  • Being flexible on the type of hotel and its location can go a long way. A mid-range hotel may offer a great rate, buy a luxury hotel may offer something even deeper. See what your budget affords you across different classes of hotels.

So What’s Your Best Strategy?

Road-Trip: Pump the breaks on booking early, unless visiting an exceptionally popular destination where hotel options will be limited. Watch rates dip as your desired check-in date approaches, then strike when it feels right.

Just A Flight: Confirm your travel plans now, you’re in the optimal booking window of 60-70 days prior to departure.

Flight + Hotel: Decide how much flexibility you have within your itinerary. Book your flight now. Monitor hotel prices and availability as your trip approaches. If you’re taking an extended trip over the last week of the year, consider booking a room in advance for the first half, then making a second reservation mid trip in order to save the most money.


Whether booking December travel or any time of year travel, check out for your next getaway. And don’t forget to continue to check out our blog every Tuesday for more Travel Tips. Let Bonwi make sure your next adventure is the best one yet!

Four Amazing Ideas for the Upcoming Festivities

Each year on the fourth Thursday in November, Americans traditionally gather for a day of festivities that typically revolves around feasting, football and family. No matter how or when your traditions first started though, there is nothing in the rulebook that prevents you from making some adjustments, or even starting traditions completely anew. In this week’s Travel Tip Tuesday, we have included some ideas to help inspire you to spice up the festivities soon to come.

Mother Nature’s Artwork

Viewing the changing leaves during autumn is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to experience America’s natural beauty. The crisp air and bright colors inspire travelers to embrace the outdoors. Cooler weather makes it the perfect time to go for a hike or embark on a road trip to admire the stunning fall foliage. As temperatures drop and days grow shorter, nature seemingly transforms into a masterpiece of color all around us. There is no shortage of beautiful fall scenery to be explored across the United States, and you don’t have to travel far to take part in the phenomenon. From New England to the Pacific Northwest, deciduous trees put on their dazzling display for everyone to enjoy.

Celebrating In The Big City

While big cities typically feature skyscrapers and paved roads in place of trees shedding their leaves, their abundance of restaurants, parades and seasonal activities more than make up for the lack of autumn colors. In fact, big cities can be awesome places to partake in festivals. There is nothing quite like the spectacle and extravagance of a parade marching through downtown streets. We highly recommend traveling to New York City this year to attend the Macy’s Day Parade. It is an amazingly entertaining event, and vastly different in person than on television. It’s guaranteed to be an experience you’ll never forget.

Wine Country and Orchards

During the fall harvest season, some of the best places to visit are wine-country regions from California to Virginia. It’s easy to combine leaf-peeping with stops at farmers’ markets and apple orchards, not to mention seasonal treats such as cider, donuts, and pumpkin pie. For families, autumn’s corn mazes, hayrides, and roster of kid-friendly festivals are added incentives to keep traveling after school is back in session.

Resort Getaway

Several hotels and resorts around the United States make the upcoming festivities completely streamlined and easy, allowing you more time to sit back and enjoy each day alongside your family. Doesn’t it seem more appealing to cozy up in a luxurious hotel and have the hard work done for you, rather than stress for hours in the kitchen preparing a seemingly endless feast? All you have to do is eat, sleep, and relax. Family-oriented resorts offer fun activities during the coming months such as building gingerbread houses, creating and decorating wreaths, or turning butter, marshmallows, and popcorn into delicious treats!


Stay tuned for the latest edition of Travel Tip Tuesday where you hear from our experts on all elements of travel as they share their personal experience and knowledge, which spans everything from fascinating must-see locations, to practical and informative suggestions. Let Bonwi help ensure that your next getaway is the best one yet.

How to Earn a Second Vacation From Your First Mexico Vacation

Marquis Los Cabos Resort

Marquis Los Cabos Resort

Imagine you travel to a Mexican beach destination like Los Cabos or the Riviera Maya for a long weekend holiday. Then after you’re done, you’ve earned enough credits to use for a free flight or hotel stay on your next vacation. Wouldn’t that be nice?

If you’re using Bonwi and paying attention to the point earnings, it’s a whole lot easier than winning a contest. It’s a sure thing in fact. It’s next to impossible to get a free flight or hotel room so easily with regular reward programs, but here you know in advance what you’re getting.

Los Cabos Hotel Points Paybacks

Let’s take a look at Los Cabos and see what you could get during a three-day weekend vacation in December.

Points back for Los Cabos Resorts

If you book either of the two all-inclusive resorts pictured there—Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach or Marquis Los Cabos—you would earn more than 31,000 points for your long weekend stay. What could you get for that number of points? A round-trip flight costing $310, a name brand gift certificate worth $310, or an even higher value many times by booking another hotel.

Hotel Point Paybacks in the Riviera Maya

I plugged in the same December dates for the Riviera Maya and look what you would earn from Grand Residences in Puerto Morelos or the brand new Andaz Mayakoba. You’d get more than 36K from one and 41K from the other.

hotel loyalty point rewards Riviera Maya

If you do the math, you’re basically getting a rebate of 20% or more on what you’re spending. That’s several times the amount you get from any traditional loyalty program.

Again that’s enough for a round-trip flight to many locations. Maybe even Cancun again! You just convert the points at a penny a mile so you don’t have to worry about blackout dates.

Or the payback would make for a huge Christmas present for someone by way of a gift card. The other option is to use it for more hotel stays. Let’s say you decided to go to Mazatlan or Puerto Vallarta next time on vacation. If you signed into Bonwi and checked what you could get for your points total, you’d see dozens of hotels where your point total would get you a free three-nights’ stay. You would have to go down a star level or two at the beach, but in some interior cities you wouldn’t even have to do that.

We’re using Mexico as an example because when it’s cold up north, a lot of people head that direction. You could just as easily use it for a ski vacation though, or to just stay cozy inside with your new surround-sound system you bought with your Best Buy gift card. We won’t judge–just enjoy!

Find great hotel deals and the highest rewards for Los Cabos and the Riviera Maya.

Travel Tips to Simplify Your Thanksgiving Travels

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of traveling during the Thanksgiving season, you know the roads and airports are always jammed. Here are expert tips and tricks for making one of the busiest travel holidays of the year easier than ever. You can thank us later!

Be Mindful and Thoughtful

Can holiday travel feel stressful? Does it help to take out your frustration on fellow passengers and travelers? It doesn’t have to be this way. Frame your journey as an exciting adventure. Everyone traveling has a similar goal to celebrate Thanksgiving with loved ones. Practice slowing your breathing if long lines or traffic are causing you stress.

Travel Light

Everyone flying will be packing carry-ons to accommodate their journey. Overhead compartments will fill up quickly. Try to pack everything into a backpack that will fit under the seat in front of you. If you have gifts or bulky items, consider shipping them to your final destination ahead of time.

Travel at Odd Times

The day before Thanksgiving is the busiest travel day of the year, closely followed by the Sunday after the big day. Fly to your destination a few days early and fly back on Friday when the masses are out shopping the best deals of the year. Drive through the night to avoid traffic.

Stay Connected

Smartphone users can take advantage of apps that provide updates on airline statuses, road traffic, weather, and current news. Social media is a great resource to be the first place to hear about anything that might go wrong with your flight. Airlines can also be more responsive to public pleas of assistance on social media.

By using these tips as a guideline, you can better organize and prepare for your trip. Read more of our Travel Tip Tuesdays for more in-depth information about the best way to travel. After picking up a few tips, start planning your Thanksgiving travel with

In Honolulu, Hawaii, Don’t Miss a Trip to Hanauma Bay State Park

Hanauma Bay
Hanauma Bay State Park in Honolulu, Hawaii is located inside a volcanic cone, and is a must-see for visitors to Oahu.
Hanauma Bay State Park in Honolulu, Hawaii is located inside a volcanic cone, and is a must-see for visitors to Oahu.

If you find yourself traveling to Honolulu Hawaii, there are usually a couple reasons why. Including, (but of course not limited to) the sun, pristine beaches, and pure relaxation the tropical Island has to offer. But if you ask any local, they’ll say that a trip to Honolulu is incomplete without a visit to Hanauma Bay State Park, a marine life conservation area, and underwater park.

Formed inside a volcanic cone, the bay is home to a thriving marine ecosystem. All visitors are required to watch an introduction video about the bay’s marine life, conservation, preservation, and safety rules before entering the park. This is primarily because of the years of abuse and neglect the bay has faced due to millions of people unknowingly destroying the plants and animals that prosper there.

 With over 3,000 visitors a day, there is no doubt that the bay is a premier destination because of its warm water snorkeling and the way it encaptures the island with its picturesque views. To enter the park, there is a general admission fee of $7.50, however, this doesn’t include the parking fee, locker fee, and several other add ons.

Snorkeling the crystal clear waters of Hanauma Bay State Park in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Snorkeling the crystal clear waters of Hanauma Bay State Park in Honolulu, Hawaii.
The state park does offer a few tours that visitors can choose from, the most basic one being the “Extended Tour”, which costs $25. Not a bad price! The tour includes round-trip transportation from Waikiki Hotels to Hanauma Bay, a narrated mini tour on the ride to the bay, masks, fins, and a snorkel, and 4.5 hours on the beach. This basic tour is perfect for visitors looking for a cheap day trip to the bay, equipped with snorkeling and easy transportation.
However, if you are looking for a more advanced tour that visits several different locations, then it’s best to opt for the “North Shore & Hanauma Bay Tour”, which includes two tours in one day. The tour not only stops at several different beaches including Pipeline Beach and Waimea Bay, but it also allows you free access to kayaks and stand-up paddleboards.
 Don’t miss the chance to jump off enormous “Jump Rocks” which are large hunks of lava that act as perfect places to either jump off of or catch a glorious view of the aqua landscape. A quick stop at Turtle Town for lunch is also included in the package, and the shrimp plate is highly recommended by previous visitors.
End the day with a visit to the famous Dole Pineapple Plantation where you’ll get the chance to try the delightful “Dole Whip” pineapple ice cream and walk around the beautiful pineapple gardens. The “North Shore & Hanauma Bay Tour” premium package costs $149 for adults and $135 for children. It’s pricey, but the jam-packed day full of adventure is totally worth every penny.
Hanauma Bay State Park is just one opportunity out of hundreds that Honolulu offers. But just keep in the back of your mind, Hanauma Bay Beach was voted the best beach in the entire United States in 2016, so it might just be worth a visit!
If a stay in a Honolulu Hotel is in your future, find the best deal on all of Oahu’s hotels at, and use your points to save for a future trip as well!