Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers

There’s nothing better than giving gifts that people will really use, especially for friends and family who frequently travel. With the holidays fast approaching, this week’s Travel Tip Tuesday focuses on gift ideas that make travel easier and more enjoyable for those in your life.

Travel Books

Before visiting a new destination, most travelers love to read up on where they are headed. Travel books are full of information about local highlights, directions/ways on how to reach them, and what to expect upon arrival. You might also consider including a day pass or membership to a local museum alongside the travel book/guide.

Travel Clothing

One pro travel tip is to be prepared for anything, and clothing is no exception. Whether the person receiving your gift will be roaming the streets of London or the trails of Machu Picchu, brands like L.L. Bean and REI design travel-focused clothing with features such as hidden/extra pockets, wrinkle-free fabrics, and easy layering. Consider gifting a lightweight and wind-resistant jacket, fashion forward all-terrain footwear, or a comfortable pair of jeans that can handle the wear and tear of being on the road.

Dry Bag

You’d be surprised how handy a dry bag can be while traveling; particularly for the travelers in your life who enjoy kayaking trips, hiking, or any kind of adventure travel. A dry bag keeps clothing, food, electronics, or anything else sealed airtight. It’s an inexpensive gift that can prove invaluable during a sudden thunderstorm.

Travel Towels

Not all towels are made equal. A quick-dry travel towel is essential for most backpackers and hostel goers because they’re easily repacked without dampening the rest of your belongings. Full-sized travel towels take up much less room than regular towels because of their micro-fiber design.

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are essentially small bags that are packed separately before anything is added to your suitcase. They also help keep everything organized and protect belongings from water damage, spilled shampoo or toothpaste, etc. They can be purchased individually or as a set and are an ideal way to keep any suitcase neat and tidy. Clothes and other travel items can be grouped together to make unpacking and repacking a breeze.

Portable Games & Journal

Small games can offer a little entertainment for a long plane, train, or bus trip. Not only will they help pass the time, they can also give you a reason to get to know the passengers sitting nearby if you invite them to join. A journal is also a great gift idea, as it allows travelers a means to pass the time and keep record of their new experiences made along the way.

While you’ve got many gifting options this coming holiday season, just remember that a travel gift will go far, and remind them of you when they’re away.


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