In Honolulu, Hawaii, Don’t Miss a Trip to Hanauma Bay State Park

Snorkeling the crystal clear waters of Hanauma Bay State Park in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Snorkeling the crystal clear waters of Hanauma Bay State Park in Honolulu, Hawaii.

If you find yourself traveling to Honolulu Hawaii, there are usually a couple reasons why. Including, (but of course not limited to) the sun, pristine beaches, and pure relaxation the tropical Island has to offer. But if you ask any local, they’ll say that a trip to Honolulu is incomplete without a visit to Hanauma Bay State Park, a marine life conservation area, and underwater park.

Formed inside a volcanic cone, the bay is home to a thriving marine ecosystem. All visitors are required to watch an introduction video about the bay’s marine life, conservation, preservation, and safety rules before entering the park. This is primarily because of the years of abuse and neglect the bay has faced due to millions of people unknowingly destroying the plants and animals that prosper there.

 With over 3,000 visitors a day, there is no doubt that the bay is a premier destination because of its warm water snorkeling and the way it encaptures the island with its picturesque views. To enter the park, there is a general admission fee of $7.50, however, this doesn’t include the parking fee, locker fee, and several other add ons.

The state park does offer a few tours that visitors can choose from, the most basic one being the “Extended Tour”, which costs $25. Not a bad price! The tour includes round-trip transportation from Waikiki Hotels to Hanauma Bay, a narrated mini tour on the ride to the bay, masks, fins, and a snorkel, and 4.5 hours on the beach. This basic tour is perfect for visitors looking for a cheap day trip to the bay, equipped with snorkeling and easy transportation.
However, if you are looking for a more advanced tour that visits several different locations, then it’s best to opt for the “North Shore & Hanauma Bay Tour”, which includes two tours in one day. The tour not only stops at several different beaches including Pipeline Beach and Waimea Bay, but it also allows you free access to kayaks and stand-up paddleboards.
 Don’t miss the chance to jump off enormous “Jump Rocks” which are large hunks of lava that act as perfect places to either jump off of or catch a glorious view of the aqua landscape. A quick stop at Turtle Town for lunch is also included in the package, and the shrimp plate is highly recommended by previous visitors.
End the day with a visit to the famous Dole Pineapple Plantation where you’ll get the chance to try the delightful “Dole Whip” pineapple ice cream and walk around the beautiful pineapple gardens. The “North Shore & Hanauma Bay Tour” premium package costs $149 for adults and $135 for children. It’s pricey, but the jam-packed day full of adventure is totally worth every penny.
Hanauma Bay State Park is just one opportunity out of hundreds that Honolulu offers. But just keep in the back of your mind, Hanauma Bay Beach was voted the best beach in the entire United States in 2016, so it might just be worth a visit!
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