In London, You’ve Gotta Go to Harrods!

In London, Harrods offers the widest and most impressive array of luxury goods and fine foods in their huge food court.
In London, Harrods offers the widest and most impressive array of luxury goods and fine foods in their huge food court.

Among the many shops and restaurants of London, one stand-out is the extravagant Harrods shopping mall. Situated in the Knightsbridge section of London, one of the wealthiest parts of the English capital, Harrods is home to a wide variety of different goods and luxuries. This should come at no surprise with a motto such as, “Omnia Omnibus Ubique,” meaning, “All things for all people, everywhere.”

Ranging from boutiques stocked with Prada, Dior and other high-end brands, to 27 restaurants with a myriad of flavors, and food halls chock-full of fresh produce, tea, and chocolate, Harrods has everything and anything you could want in a shopping mall.

You can find lovely gifts for mom, or any woman for that matter, in the extensive collection of designer clothes and accessories within the many boutiques. For soccer fans such as myself, you will find plenty of English Premier League soccer jerseys and many other sports apparel. It’s impossible to go hungry in Harrods when you can dine on steak, pizza, Chinese food, or whatever else you may have a hankering for.

Harrods is so famous and huge that there are many shopping tours you can book on sites like TripAdvisor to give you a personal tour taking in everything with a trained shopper.

Harrods famous food hall in London.
Harrods famous food hall in London.

Interestingly, Harrods is owned by the government of Qatar, and the company includes an airline, a bank, and extensive real estate holdings to complement the million-square-foot retail store.

Up to 300,000 customers visit the shop on peak days, comprising the highest proportion of customers from non-English speaking countries of any department store in London. More than five thousand staff from over fifty different countries work at the gigantic departmen store.

Harrods Bank has also started selling gold bars and coins that customers can buy “off the shelf”. The gold products range from 1 g to 12.5 kg and can be purchased from Harrods Bank. They also offer storage services, as well as the ability to sell back gold to Harrods in the future!

Within this wealthy section of London are plenty of beautiful hotels that match the elegance and opulence of the store. The Rembrandt and The Jumeirah Carlton Tower are two lovely examples of hotels located in London’s affluent Knightsbridge section.

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