Lisbon’s Pink Street is Your Nightlife Destination

Pink Street is one of the highlights of Lisbon's great nightlife. photo:
Pink Street is one of the highlights of Lisbon’s great nightlife. photo:

Lisbon: From Red Light District to Pink Street, the Rehabilitation of a Neighborhood

A party scene like you’ve never seen before. Lisbon’s Rua Nova do Carvalho, nicknamed Pink Street, is the heart of Lisbon’s fierce nightlife. A visitor has not truly experienced a night out in Portugal’s capital without blessing themselves with a trip to Pink Street.

Dotted with bars, clubs, and late night eateries, Pink Street is a more upscale alternative to Lisbon’s famous Barrio Alto, whose nightlife thunders through the streets every night of the week. In 2011, Pink Street was born after the city’s former red light district was rehabilitated into what it is today.

Now, it is a destination for party goers wishing to experience a true night out Lisboa style. With action picking up around 3am, people dance and drink their way to morning at the eclectic bars. Located near the old port of Lisbon in the Cais de Sodre neighborhood, Pink Street is conveniently positioned near a metro stop.

Before your big night out, check out Time Out Market. This dreamy Ikea-sized warehouse was recently refurbished by Lisbon’s greatest chefs. The cafeteria-style food court destination is the perfect place to eat a high end dinner at an affordable price before napping and heading back out to Pink Street in the Middle of the night.

In it’s past life, Pink Street was home to trouble, and visitors did not visit their without encountered from thieves, prostitutes, or people looking to rent out rooms for an hour or two with a friend. Today, with interest from both tourists and locals, tons of new bars and hang outs have popped up along the infamous road.

For the best cocktails on the street, check out 4 Caravelas Cocktail Bar and order a Honey Pot. This 5 Euro concoction does not disappoint. Just up the street a bit, Povo offers outdoor seating and a tapas menu, perfect for people watching in this amazing neighborhood. Music Box is perfect for those looking for live music and a dance floor, and it’s one of Pink Street’s most visited night spots.

Lisbon is famous for its streetcars and steep streets. Max Hartshorne photo.
Lisbon is famous for its streetcars and steep streets. Max Hartshorne photo.

There are literally dozens of options to explore on Pink Street, and whether you’re a frequent party goer or out for a special occasion, you will no the disappointed with the color, excitement, liveliness, and unique vibe Rua Nova do Carvalho will show you.

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