New York City: Hudson Yards Brings New Energy to Lower Manhattan

Hudson Yards Manhattan New York City
Hudson Yards has changed the skyline of Manhattan by adding five Empire State Building-sized structures plus a massive arts center, retail stores, parkland, and condos.

When you think of New York City, what are the first images that come to your mind? You may be thinking of the Empire State Building, The Statue of Liberty or maybe Rockefeller Center. But, now, when you think of the Big Apple, a huge new attraction has been built here in lower Manhattan that is sure to whisk you off your feet.

Constructed on 28 acres over a working rail yard, the Hudson Yards project is the largest private real estate development in United States history, and there was truly a staggering amount of effort put in to make this compelling vision a reality.

The Hudson Yards features one million square feet of retail and mixed-use space, eighteen million square feet of commercial and residential space, five Empire State Building-sized buildings, one hundred shops, fourteen acres of gardens, plazas, playgrounds and public space, four thousand state-of-the-art residences, and three dynamic parks.

The most dramatic site here is the Vessel–it’s a massive circular structure that consists of staircases that wind up and down that people can traverse, it looks like a gigantic beehive!

Several extremely high profile restaurateurs and boutiques have opened for business in the area, including world-renowned chef Thomas Keller. And if all that is not enough to get your attention, then some of its unique, never-before-seen architectural innovations may just do the trick.

Interior view of the Vessel, at Hudson Yards.
Interior view of the Vessel, at Hudson Yards.

The Vessel at the Hudson Yards is the centerpiece of the entire project. Engaging and interactive, the Vessel is comprised of one hundred and fifty-four interconnecting flights of stairs and about a mile’s worth of pathway rising over the Hudson Yard’s gardens. Its design, a geometric gridwork of stairways, is fashioned out of painted steel and a coating of polished copper-coloring, which almost gives New York City’s new public landmark a futuristic honeycomb feel.

Another fantastic addition that the Hudson Yards is its “Haven for Creative Expression”, The Shed. The Shed is New York’s first multi-arts center designed to be a flexible and manipulatable venue for all kinds of events, ranging from concerts to sporting events. An extremely notable feature of The Shed is its telescoping outer shell that can expand and contract with the flip of a switch.

The outer shell gives an unparalleled amount of freedom to its users, allowing the temporary construction of a one hundred and twenty-foot-high temperature controlled hall, which can be retracted at any point to clear the neighboring seventeen thousand foot plaza for public use.

According to Travel Weekly, it’s now easier to reserve your Vessel tour tickets. “Starting July 1, people wishing to climb the hive-shaped piece of public art at Hudson Yards will have the option to go online and pay $10 to secure admittance up to six months in advance.

Currently, all tickets are free, and advance tickets are only available as far out as two weeks out. All tickets are also time-specific to manage crowd sizes and to keep people moving.”

Special reservations are still required for groups of 15 or more and can be made by contacting 1-332-204-8500 or

Hudson Yards will also have a small public school for its residents and children in the surrounding areas, it’s literally a brand new neighborhood in an area that has never before had subway service. 

With the city’s newest 7th Avenue subway line terminating nearby, not only do visitors to the huge Jacob Javits Convention Center get an easier way to arrive, it opens up the entire underserved area of lower Manhattan to subway travel.

Many of the Hudson Yard’s features will be available to the public now, with a few areas scheduled to be completed as late as 2022.  So next time you’re in New York, make sure to check on the status of the Hudson Yards because it is set to become one of America’s most popular destinations!

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