Puerto Rico: What’s New in this U.S. Territory?

The Boardwalk in Ponce, Puerto Rico.
The Boardwalk in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

A lot of people give Puerto Rico a bad rap for various reasons, but we’re here to tell you that Puerto Rico deserves some praise. Despite what some people will tell you about the U.S. territory, Puerto Rico actually holds a lot of treasures and attractions. Areas such as Rincon, Aguadilla, Ponce, and many more have so many fun things to see and do!

In Ponce, the Paseo Tablado La Guancha is a bustling boardwalk with activities bursting out of every corner. Between oceanside restaurants, multiple shops, an arcade, various events, and boat rentals, there’s something for everyone on this tropical boardwalk! Ponce is also home to many museums and historical sites, such as the Parque de Bombas, the Museo de Arte de Ponce, the Ponce Cathedral and the Museo de la Historia de Ponce! And when in Ponce, head to Lola for some great escargot, lobster egg rolls, and fantastic service!

Rincon is famous for its surf scene along its beautiful beaches. Central Sandy Beach, Maria’s Beach, and the Balneario Pico de Piedra are three lovely beaches within Rincon. There are even quieter beach options, such as Corcega. Rincon is also known for its Tres Palmas Marine Reserve, which protects hawksbill turtles and parrotfish. For some great food, great cocktails, and an overall great dining experience, try the Red Flamboyan in Rincon.

Crash Boat Beach, Las Cascadas Water Park, Colon Park, and the Hermitage of San Antonio de Padua de la Tuna are just a few of the many attractions Aguadilla has to offer. The surf scene is perhaps just as popular here as it is in Rincon, with Crash Boat Beach being the most popular surfing beach. Aguadilla’s Punta Borinquen Golf Club offers miraculous sunset views, and the Museo de Arte de Aguadilla Y del Caribe showcases lovely Puerto Rican art! For great views and fantastic, colorful cuisine, have a meal at Aguadilla’s Restaurante¬†Marina’s!

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