Rome By Segway

Rome Segway Tour night

Touring Rome during the day is an incredible experience, but Rome by Segway has officially given sightseeing a new name with their nighttime personalized Segway tours.

Stroll around with seven other people and get a glimpse of the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain as they illuminate the night sky.

There is no such thing as limited nightlife in Rome. As soon as the last speck of sun leaves the horizon, the bars and restaurants begin to cater to the large crowds of people. Visit all of Rome’s local spots and see the city’s nightlife in action.

While you’re cruising, want a glass of wine? Flatbread pizza? No worries, your tour guide will point out the best spots and you’ll be able to stop at your own convenience. The easy going atmosphere of the tour allows guests to take their time, absorb the festivities, and hop back on the Segway when they are ready.

Located near the Colosseum, the tour begins at the Rome by Segway office. You’ll be riding in style with a flashy yellow vest and helmet, provided by your

Rome's Colosseum up close with the Segways.
Rome’s Colosseum up close with the Segways.

tour guide. Never rode a Segway before? Luckily you’ll have a 30-minute brisk training session so you won’t embarrass yourself on the road.

The laid back tour costs around 80 euros and lasts about 3 and a half hours. For a little extra, you can choose to have a private tour. Your tour leader will bring you past ruins and ancient temples, revealing the hidden mysteries of

the archaic city. Piazza Navona and Campo de’ Fiori are also common destinations you will see, however you can personalize the itinerary depending on the group’s preferences.

If you are looking for a romantic evening with you partner or even a fun group activity for the family, make sure you grab the opportunity to see Rome at night. Besides, you’ll cover a lot more ground on Segway than on foot, the more sightseeing the better!

So forget the overpacked tour bus, and opt for a nighttime eco-friendly adventure of Rome with Rome by Segway.  If a trip to Rome is in your future, use Bonwi to find a hotel room and get points for a future trip, or a return trip to the Eternal City!