A San Francisco Getaway: How Do the Points Compare?

I’m getting ready to head out to the west coast in April, and so, the first place I visited was Bonwi.com to compare how many points that might get me versus other booking sites like Hotels.com.

The thing about Bonwi is that the hotel search is pretty much the same as you’d find on any booking site, but that little number is the key–the rewards.

The most important number besides the cost of the room are the Bonwi points rewards!
The most important number beside the cost of the room is the Bonwi points rewards!

After I stopped being amazed at the first hotel, where my four-night jaunt would set me back a cool $436,932 for a stay at the swanky Francisco Bay Inn, I got down to business. You can see that even if I chose a modest hotel, like the Marriott San Francisco Fishermen’s Wharf, at $316 a night, I’d be bringing home a bonanza of Bonwi points–32866, which I can use for a rental car or for a hotel during a future stay. Bonwi points don’t expire so they will be usable whenever I need them later.

If I bumped the price up to $351 a night, I’d be getting a whopping 42,110 points!! That’s a lot of hotels and car rentals, for sure.

How many points would I get if I booked on Hotels.com?  Well, for the Hotel Bijou, which at $219 is the exact same price as on Bonwi, I’d be happy that I would be able to add the four nights to the site’s pledge of a free night for every ten paid nights.   So I’d earn $219, the value of the free hotel night.

But getting the 15,590 points in my Bonwi account gives me much more.  So not only did I get the best rate, YES, I got points to use in the future. It’s all win-win~