2018 Highlights and 2019 Aspirations


Today we announced a strategic partnership with WONDERLUST. We’re really excited to kick off 2019 by working with the top notch team over there. Read the press release here.


2018 was an incredible year for Bonwi. We were rated the #1 hotel booking site by travel points guru Dan Gillaspia of uponarriving.com. We were a finalist in the Travolution Awards for the Best Travel Deals Publisher 2018. We also:

  • Surpassed 5,000 registered members on (sign up here if you haven’t already)
  • Exceeded 1 million bookable properties on Bonwi.com
  • Reached 1,000 subscribers right here on the Bonwi Blog
  • Added public price comparison to site search

Now we’ve partnered with WONDERLUST to differentiate the online travel experience for leisure and business travelers. Bob and his team are a force to be reckoned with.  As the exclusive editorial content provider to Bonwi, WONDERLUST will share features and travel advisories to Bonwi members including inspiration around new destinations and experiences and access to other partners and offers in the highly curated WONDERLUST ecosystem.  In turn, Bonwi will provide WONDERLUST users with:

  • Timely offers for up to 40% back in points when booking hotels and cars
  • Unique registration offers
  • Free dining for domestic bookings, and up to 50% off on dining, shopping and entertainment

Take a look at the world from the WONDERLUST perspective at wonderlusttravel.com.

Thank you for your support and for joining us in another exciting year ahead!

Johnny Ward Gets a Deal Using Bonwi in Oslo

Photo by Erik Odiin on Unsplash

Travel blogger Johnny Ward of One Step 4ward blog is back for more Bonwi, this time to redeem his loyalty points. Last we heard from Johnny, he told us,

“My total booking was about $600, and I got $200 back in points – 33% credit, unreal.”

Those points, they do add up. For Johnny’s trip to Oslo, where prices run high, his Bonwi points helped him out with a hotel for $3.82. Did that sink in?

Johnny Ward got a hotel in Oslo for $3.82. Click to Tweet

“I had used Bonwi to book hotels cheaper than Booking.com, Expedia etc in both Lombok and Komodo, Indonesia, as well as in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Thankfully, through booking with Bonwi, those bookings hadn’t just saved me money, they had also accrued me 13,000 points to use through the Bonwi platform. Brilliant.”

Here were some of his options for redemption:

Pretty nice, eh?

Read Johnny’s full story here, and check out his pics from the trip. Brilliant!

Tips on Eating in Europe

While in Europe, food is enjoyed as much as art, language, and traditions. From sampling local hidden gems to experiencing farmer’s markets, here are some tips eating in Europe while on your travels.

Do Your Research

Scout out authentic eateries to experience the true local cuisine. Go online and spend some time writing down a list of restaurants that represent the cultural local dishes you are looking for. Most of the time authentic restaurants are not located on the touristy main streets.

Tipping is Optional

Not tipping the usual 15%-20% is okay. Don’t worry, you’re not being rude. The prevailing culture in Europe is to not leave excessive tips. You can leave a few euros if you feel inclined.

Farmers’ Markets

Farmers’ markets are a good way to find high quality food at a reasonable price and an exciting cultural experience. Farmers’ markets can be found somewhere in any city just about every day of the week.

Drink in Public

Europe has fairly lax laws about drinking in public. This means it is perfectly acceptable to enjoy a beer or bottle of wine in a park or other outdoor spaces.

By using these tips as a guideline, you can better organize and prepare for your trip. Read more Travel Tips for more in-depth information about the best way to travel.

Romantic, Budget-Friendly European Getaways

Looking to plan a romantic getaway? Check out some of our favorite romantic locations in Europe which won’t break the bank. Below are our top destination choices to wind down and connect with your significant other.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The cobbled streets and narrow alleys of Amsterdam are perfect for strolling around and cozying up in a quaint spot to wine and dine. For a truly romantic experience, be sure to rent a houseboat to soak up the city’s ambiance and charm from the canals.

Valencia, Spain

Valencia, Spain

Valencia is Spain’s third-largest city and among its most popular tourist destinations. Fantastic architecture, interesting history, unforgettable sunsets, and out-of-this-world food are just a few of the contributing factors to its massive popularity.

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is a great city for lovers. Indulge in a night-time cruise on a Bosphorus ferry. Catch the boat from Karaköy to Kadıköy at dusk and watch as the city skyline lights up. Find here a wealth of terraces and gardens in which to enjoy one another’s company.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic

Considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world since the Middle Ages, Prague is perhaps the best city in Europe for couples in search of romance. There’s music in the air, beautiful art and architecture throughout, and numerous romantic activities available, such as walks along the Vltava river in winter.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany

While it isn’t quite the same as Paris, Berlin is likely to be far easier on the wallet and certainly has its fair share of romantic spots. The Tiergarten is one of the most beautiful parks in all of Europe, and Pfaueninsel Park (Peacock Island) is the perfect spot for a private picnic.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

Romance embraces you on every street corner here in Lisbon. Stroll hand-in-hand through backstreets twisting up to hilltop veranda, hidden courtyards, and vintage funiculars. You’ll soon fall head over hills with the Portuguese capital.


Save some cash (use it for a date night) and head to Bonwi.com to start planning that romantic rendezvous.