The Hotel Zones of Los Cabos, Mexico

Las Ventanas Rosewood luxury resort

Las Ventanas Rosewood luxury resort

If you’re headed to the resort area of Los Cabos in Mexico for the first time, you may not realize what a large, spread-out region this is. Occupying the whole bottom of the Baja Peninsula, it’s a sprawling cement truck parade of hotels, condos, golf courses, and two cities amidst dry desert and cacti.

Los Cabos has the greatest concentration of luxury resorts in Mexico though, with more being added every year, so it’s not a place filled with high-rises that can host 1,000 guests. Here the emphasis is increasingly on the guests who put this place on the map: upscale travelers from Hollywood, Silicon Valley, New York City, and oil country in Texas.  Don’t expect to find great  bargains here just because you’re heading south of the border: everything has to be shipped in or flown in except for seafood. Just getting water requires an expensive desalinization process. You’ll pay $200 an up to play golf because, well, Jack Nicklaus designed the course and…it’s a desert!

Los Cabos Quivira golf course

Here are the geographic options when you book a resort in Los Cabos. Make sure you’ve got a map handy to figure out what’s what.

Cabo San Lucas

This is the busiest part of the region because it’s where the cruise ships dock, where the nightlife is, and where the marina is that leaves on whale-watching trips. This calm bay is one of the few places where you can swim from the beach in this whole area: in most spots the waves are too rough and the undertow is serious.

There is a mix of upscale lodging (like Cabo Azul) here, as well as more budget-friendly options fanning back from the sea.

Le Blanc Los Cabos in the Corridor

The Corridor

The Corridor of Los Cabos was once and long and lonely stretch of desert dotted with a few hotels and golf courses. The cement trucks have been working overtime the past few years though and a new hotel goes up every month or two. Most of the best high-end resorts are here, like Rosewood Las Ventanas, One & Only Palmilla, and The Cape. The latest additions are a new Le Blanc and a new Casa Velas—both luxury all-inclusive resorts.

An all-inclusive or a high credit limit on your card can make a lot of sense here because you’re miles from anything when you arrive. You probably won’t leave the resort much except for adventure excursions.

San Jose del Cabo and the Port/Marina

San Jose del Cabo has long been the sleepy cousin at the other end of the corridor, but it has caught the development bug as well, especially in its marina/port area, where there’s a Secrets Resort and soon a Four Seasons.

Land’s End Los Cabos and North

Los Cabos Land's End waves

Where the Sea of Cortes and the Pacific Ocean meet is the tip of Baja known as Land’s End. Grand Solmar and Pedregal resorts are there, around the corner from the famous arch, and not far from downtown Cabo San Lucas.

Development is stretching north from there, with the Diamante and Quivira golf courses being the centerpieces of major real estate and hotel developments. There’s a Pueblo Bonito resort, a partially opened Grand Solmar Rancho San Lucas, and a Nobu. The further north toward Todos Santos you get, the more isolated the areas become. The idea is to play golf and hang out by the pool, though there are plenty of adventure activities on the wide beaches and among the cacti.

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How to Earn a Second Vacation From Your First Mexico Vacation

Marquis Los Cabos Resort

Marquis Los Cabos Resort

Imagine you travel to a Mexican beach destination like Los Cabos or the Riviera Maya for a long weekend holiday. Then after you’re done, you’ve earned enough credits to use for a free flight or hotel stay on your next vacation. Wouldn’t that be nice?

If you’re using Bonwi and paying attention to the point earnings, it’s a whole lot easier than winning a contest. It’s a sure thing in fact. It’s next to impossible to get a free flight or hotel room so easily with regular reward programs, but here you know in advance what you’re getting.

Los Cabos Hotel Points Paybacks

Let’s take a look at Los Cabos and see what you could get during a three-day weekend vacation in December.

Points back for Los Cabos Resorts

If you book either of the two all-inclusive resorts pictured there—Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach or Marquis Los Cabos—you would earn more than 31,000 points for your long weekend stay. What could you get for that number of points? A round-trip flight costing $310, a name brand gift certificate worth $310, or an even higher value many times by booking another hotel.

Hotel Point Paybacks in the Riviera Maya

I plugged in the same December dates for the Riviera Maya and look what you would earn from Grand Residences in Puerto Morelos or the brand new Andaz Mayakoba. You’d get more than 36K from one and 41K from the other.

hotel loyalty point rewards Riviera Maya

If you do the math, you’re basically getting a rebate of 20% or more on what you’re spending. That’s several times the amount you get from any traditional loyalty program.

Again that’s enough for a round-trip flight to many locations. Maybe even Cancun again! You just convert the points at a penny a mile so you don’t have to worry about blackout dates.

Or the payback would make for a huge Christmas present for someone by way of a gift card. The other option is to use it for more hotel stays. Let’s say you decided to go to Mazatlan or Puerto Vallarta next time on vacation. If you signed into Bonwi and checked what you could get for your points total, you’d see dozens of hotels where your point total would get you a free three-nights’ stay. You would have to go down a star level or two at the beach, but in some interior cities you wouldn’t even have to do that.

We’re using Mexico as an example because when it’s cold up north, a lot of people head that direction. You could just as easily use it for a ski vacation though, or to just stay cozy inside with your new surround-sound system you bought with your Best Buy gift card. We won’t judge–just enjoy!

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Los Cabos: What’s New in this Popular Mexican Resort?

Wild Cabo Tours takes visitors up close to the famous "El Arco" in Cabo St. Lucas.
Wild Cabo Tours takes visitors up close to the famous "El Arco" in Cabo St. Lucas.
Wild Cabo Tours takes visitors up close to the famous “El Arco” in Cabo St. Lucas.

Apart from being among the world’s best destinations for beaches and scuba diving, Los Cabos also has a whole smorgasbord of offerings that makes it one of Mexico’s top five vacation spots.

The Luxury Avenue Boutique Mall is located in the Cabo San Lucas region of Los Cabos. This shopping center is a step ahead of the competition because of its commitment to housing some of the most prestigious brands in the world. From jewelry and stylish bags to trendy shoes and sunglasses, the Luxury Avenue Boutique Mall in Los Cabos is an absolute treasure chest for high end shoppers!

If you’re interested in seeing all the scenic spots in Los Cabos in a way you never have before, take a dirt bike tour with Baja Dirt. This dirt bike tour company offers tourists a unique sightseeing opportunity in the beautiful and challenging terrain of Los Cabos. Come see mountains, abandoned gold mines, sand dunes, and ghost towns on an incredible dirt bike tour of Los Cabos with Baja Dirt!

Get out in to the sagebrush and desert of Baja California with Baja Dirt motorcycle tours.
Get out in to the sagebrush and desert of Baja California with Baja Dirt motorcycle tours.

If you’re not a big fan of dirt bikes, try a Wild Cabo Tour on for size. Wild Cabo Tours take tourists on a variety of different boat tours around scenic Los Cabos waters. The pirate-themed Cabo Legend Tours take place aboard a massive wooden ship and offer great family fun and entertainment. Cabo Escape Tours take tourists on a double-deck catamaran to see the beauty of Los Cabos and can include various activities such as whale watching and snorkeling.

The Buccaneer Queen Tours feature a replica pirate ship that had a part in the 1995 film “Cutthroat Island” and takes tourists around various popular historical and scenic spots around Los Cabos, including the famous Arch of Cabo San Lucas!

There are so many different restaurants to try in Los Cabos that you could fill an encyclopedia with all of the municipality’s eateries. Chefs Omar Laguna Angel Carbajal of the Fat Tuna Restaurant will send your taste buds to another dimension with unusual but tasty dishes that involve Mediterranean cooking techniques. La Deriva Restaurant is yet another one of Chef Emanuele Olivero’s masterpieces that feature jaw-dropping views of the sky and the Sea of Cortes. The Stop Light Restaurant offers some incredibly affordable, enjoyable, and comfortable dining experiences in its polished wood and red brick atmosphere serving everything from fajitas and enchiladas to ice cream with peaches.

The Stop Light Restaurant offers some incredibly affordable, enjoyable, and comfortable dining experiences in its polished wood and red brick atmosphere serving everything from fajitas and enchiladas to ice cream with peaches.

While planning your trip to Los Cabos, consider staying in one of these beautiful hotels. The One and Only Palmilla sits looking out on the Sea of Cortes and gives its guests beachfront access to one of Los Cabos’s few swimmable beaches. The Cape, A Thompson Hotel also offers beach views, as well as two pools, a rooftop lounge, spa cabanas, and a fun urban night vibe!

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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: One of Mexico’s Best Resort Cities

The Thriller, a crazy fast speedboat that takes tourists on a tour near Puerto Vallarta.
Majahuitas beach, near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
Majahuitas beach, near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

On the Pacific coast of Mexico lies the beautiful resort town of Puerto Vallarta, long known for its unique water spots, beaches, and nightlife scene. Enjoy a Puerto Vallarta vacation this summer with these fun attractions and experiences!

Vallarta Food Tours have been offering tours of Puerto Vallarta’s delectable food scene since 2011, and the company recently launched a “Bikes & Bites” tour. This bicycle-involved food expedition gives tourists a chance to experience the many flavors of Puerto Vallarta on a three-and-a-half hour excursion through the famous Mexican city. With prices starting at $55 for eight tastings, this “Bikes & Bites” tour is a necessary to-do in Puerto Vallarta. Vallarta Food Tours  offer a variety of different food excursions, one of which was experienced by GoNomad’s own Cindy Bigras. Read the story.

If you like to live life on the wild side or are interested in seeing the amazing natural beauty of Puerto Vallarta’s water scene, then try the Luxury Yacht and Snorkel on for size. Tourists will get to see the majestic mountains and the vibrant jungle, as well as some extravagant mansions on a gorgeous cruise excursion along the coastline of Puerto Vallarta.

Following the cruise is a snorkeling trip to Majahuitas, an absolutely beautiful and remote white-sand beach where tourists can snorkel, paddle board, and kayak in calm waters: A truly tranquil encounter of Puerto Vallarta’s natural wonders!

The Thriller, a crazy fast speedboat that takes tourists on a tour near Puerto Vallarta.
The Thriller, a crazy fast speedboat that takes tourists on a tour near Puerto Vallarta.

Have even more fun on the water with “Ocean Mania,” a five-hour trip with great water activities. Tourists begin the adventure by riding on the jet boat Thriller, an inflatable speedboat that is mind-bendingly fast, to a secluded ocean cove.

Once arrived at the cove, tourists can jump into the ocean via zip line, a waterslide, or catapulting off of “The Blob.” Other activities include the “Step-Up obstacle,” on which you can try to conquer your fear of heights, and hanging out with sea lions.

Whenever you decide to come to Puerto Vallarta, book a stay in one of these new hotels:

The Hacienda Buenaventura Hotel & Mexican Charm is one of the best values among Puerto Vallarta hotels. With authentic Mexican cuisine, a spa, a heated pool, a kids club & babysitting, and tons of other amenities, it’s clear why the Hacienda Buenaventura Hotel & Mexican Charm is rated so highly. Don’t forget, this resort offers an all-inclusive option.

Also offering optional all-inclusive stays is the Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa in Puerto Vallarta. This resort is in the lap of luxury located within a lush tropical jungle on the beach, a truly beautiful lodging spot. With fully stocked rooms, some the size of large apartments, you’ll feel at home at this state-of-the-art resort.  Use Bonwi points and save on staying in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.