New York City: Hudson Yards Brings New Energy to Lower Manhattan

Hudson Yards Manhattan New York City
Hudson Yards has changed the skyline of Manhattan by adding five Empire State Building-sized structures plus a massive arts center, retail stores, parkland, and condos.

When you think of New York City, what are the first images that come to your mind? You may be thinking of the Empire State Building, The Statue of Liberty or maybe Rockefeller Center. But, now, when you think of the Big Apple, a huge new attraction has been built here in lower Manhattan that is sure to whisk you off your feet.

Constructed on 28 acres over a working rail yard, the Hudson Yards project is the largest private real estate development in United States history, and there was truly a staggering amount of effort put in to make this compelling vision a reality.

The Hudson Yards features one million square feet of retail and mixed-use space, eighteen million square feet of commercial and residential space, five Empire State Building-sized buildings, one hundred shops, fourteen acres of gardens, plazas, playgrounds and public space, four thousand state-of-the-art residences, and three dynamic parks.

The most dramatic site here is the Vessel–it’s a massive circular structure that consists of staircases that wind up and down that people can traverse, it looks like a gigantic beehive!

Several extremely high profile restaurateurs and boutiques have opened for business in the area, including world-renowned chef Thomas Keller. And if all that is not enough to get your attention, then some of its unique, never-before-seen architectural innovations may just do the trick.

Interior view of the Vessel, at Hudson Yards.
Interior view of the Vessel, at Hudson Yards.

The Vessel at the Hudson Yards is the centerpiece of the entire project. Engaging and interactive, the Vessel is comprised of one hundred and fifty-four interconnecting flights of stairs and about a mile’s worth of pathway rising over the Hudson Yard’s gardens. Its design, a geometric gridwork of stairways, is fashioned out of painted steel and a coating of polished copper-coloring, which almost gives New York City’s new public landmark a futuristic honeycomb feel.

Another fantastic addition that the Hudson Yards is its “Haven for Creative Expression”, The Shed. The Shed is New York’s first multi-arts center designed to be a flexible and manipulatable venue for all kinds of events, ranging from concerts to sporting events. An extremely notable feature of The Shed is its telescoping outer shell that can expand and contract with the flip of a switch.

The outer shell gives an unparalleled amount of freedom to its users, allowing the temporary construction of a one hundred and twenty-foot-high temperature controlled hall, which can be retracted at any point to clear the neighboring seventeen thousand foot plaza for public use.

According to Travel Weekly, it’s now easier to reserve your Vessel tour tickets. “Starting July 1, people wishing to climb the hive-shaped piece of public art at Hudson Yards will have the option to go online and pay $10 to secure admittance up to six months in advance.

Currently, all tickets are free, and advance tickets are only available as far out as two weeks out. All tickets are also time-specific to manage crowd sizes and to keep people moving.”

Special reservations are still required for groups of 15 or more and can be made by contacting 1-332-204-8500 or

Hudson Yards will also have a small public school for its residents and children in the surrounding areas, it’s literally a brand new neighborhood in an area that has never before had subway service. 

With the city’s newest 7th Avenue subway line terminating nearby, not only do visitors to the huge Jacob Javits Convention Center get an easier way to arrive, it opens up the entire underserved area of lower Manhattan to subway travel.

Many of the Hudson Yard’s features will be available to the public now, with a few areas scheduled to be completed as late as 2022.  So next time you’re in New York, make sure to check on the status of the Hudson Yards because it is set to become one of America’s most popular destinations!

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The ‘Bleisure’ Trend: Mixing Leisure Trips with Business Travel

Times Square, New York City is a great place to combine business with leisure!
Times Square, New York City is a great place to combine business with leisure!
Times Square, New York City is a great place to combine business with leisure!

The concept of blending business travel trips with leisure vacation is growing at a rapid rate. An SAP Concur study shows a 20% uptick in bleisure travel.

For this study, a “bleisure trip” included a Saturday night stay, but it’s not uncommon for these trips to extend at least two or three days. Overall, 2.2 million bleisure trips took place in 2017. That’s about 10% of all business trips. While most business travelers still have to sightsee on their travel days, 1 in 10 travelers is able to stay an extra day.

According to Forbes, the nine most common bleisure destinations include New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, London, Paris, Tokyo, Singapore, and Shanghai.

Here are a few of the top bleisure hotels in popular destinations.

Sheraton New York City - a good bleisure trip hotel
Sheraton New York City

Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel

Right in the heart of Times Square, it’s easy to understand how the Sheraton Hotel puts business and leisure travelers in the perfect spot. The Sheraton offers easy access to countless midtown offices and businesses, while onsite you can make good use of the 60,000 square feet of meeting space, including an Executive Conference Center that’s ideal for small groups.

It’s almost too easy to find entertainment near Times Square. Spend some time in the bars, museums, or see a Broadway show! When you’re in Times Square, check out one of the newest and most amazing exhibits, Gulliver’s Gate. A world in miniature that’s astounding. You may even have a view of the skyscrapers going up at Hudson Yards.

The Peninsula Chicago

This luxurious Chicago building is perfectly designed for leisure while taking care of business. Meet with associates in one of the eleven meeting spaces, then head upstairs to the Peninsula Spa for an Asian-inspired treatment. After the long days of business, relax on the sun terrace near the indoor pool.

westdrift Manhattan Beach – Los Angeles

Right in the heart of the popular Manhattan Beach community, westdrift is only a mile to the beach, and a quick trip to The Point, the city’s shopping, entertainment and dining hub.

Guests can also enjoy on-demand movies from their in-room Smart TV or outdoor lawn games such as shuffleboard, croquet, corn hole and more.

westdrift Manhattan Beach features 393 luxury guest rooms combining iconic designs, amenities and culinary offerings that speak to both coasts. Take some time to enjoy the nine-hole golf course, indoor and outdoor restaurants, a cross-fit inspired fitness center, a pool surrounded by cabanas, 18 meeting rooms, a traditional ballroom, and three large industrial-chic venues.

Tips for taking a bleisure trip

Book your meetings on Monday or Friday that way you will have Saturday and Sunday to travel.

When you travel for a business, there’s a chance you have to stay at a particular hotel.  Asking if you can use your company’s prenegotiated rate can also save you lots of money. Many bleisure-friendly companies are open to extending this benefit to employees.

Try booking your reservation with the company travel portal to access possible discount rates

Make sure you understand your company’s travel policy and what they will and will not pay for

Next time you consider traveling for business, consider adding a few personal days to explore the area. More than likely the company will already cover transportation costs, so enjoy the long weekend! Find something exciting in every new city and save on hotels using Bonwi points!

Visit New York City in January for the Cheapest Hotel Rooms

Winter Village at Bryant Park, Manhattan.

New York City is a timeless destination and one that is much cheaper to visit this time of year than in the spring and summer.  Since it’s a big city, you will be inside most of the time, so why not splurge on those airline tickets at a time when it’s never going to be cheaper?

What are the most popular places and attractions to visit?  Thrillist provides some good answers, and ways to see the Statue of Liberty, such as taking the Staten Island Ferry to get your obligatory selfie shot.  Another water-borne method of observing the Big Lady is to take the free IKEA store shuttle that goes to their Red Hook, Brooklyn location from Pier 11, Wall Street in Manhattan.

Winter Village at Bryant Park, Manhattan.
Winter Village at Bryant Park, Manhattan.

There are some fun reasons to bring your family to New York City in January, besides the great hotel deals.  You can check out the Winter Village at Bryant Park, for example, and get some good deals on handicrafts, artwork and other locally made things. Plus they have a free ice skating rink, igloos to play in and even ice bumper cars!

But what about hotels?   I was told by more than one hotel manager that there is no better time than mid to late January to score rooms at hotels that normally would be much, much higher.   A quick glance at Google reveals that discounts are far higher this month than you’d expect.

There are a total of about 270 hotels in the city, and the second largest property is the old classic, Marriott Marquis Times Square.  This hotel is unique for New York City because of its size, 1966 rooms, and the way they are set up, a square all around a very, very long drop down to the lobby. It’s the tallest hotel atrium in the world.

The largest hotel in the city is the New York Hilton Midtown, with 1980 rooms. This Hilton is the 101st largest hotel property in the world and was built in 1963.   Every US president since John F. Kennedy has stayed at this hotel, so it must have something special, besides being the biggest in the city.

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Ease the Sting of 5 Expensive Cities by Finding Free Attractions and Events

Paris on a budget

visiting Paris on a budget tips

Ah, the glamorous life of jetting off to Paris or Tokyo. If only we all had unlimited travel funds, right? Visiting the world’s most expensive–and popular–cities can mean blowing through cash at an alarming rate.

There are ways to have a great time without draining your life savings though, thankfully. You just have to make some adjustments on your transportation and sightseeing.

First, there are some obvious moves that will ease the pain in any city. Seek out the free museum days. Use public transportation instead of taxis. Spend some time scouting out the best hotel deals. Pick up the local tourist magazines and flyers for coupons and cheap entertainment tips.

Here is some insider advice for each location, however, with tips to keep the budget in line and one unique experience that won’t cost you a thing.

Tokyo on the Cheap?

When it comes to expensive destinations, Tokyo is quite the role model. You know you’re in trouble when half the “affordable tips” section of a city’s website is made up of ways to get from the airport to the city for under $50. If you search “free” on the official Japan Tourism website, it says “0 Results.”

To find an affordable meal, eat at noodle stalls for under $10 or explore the unique Japanese culinary stop: the department store basement. Seibu Department Store in the Ikebukuro area is a destination in itself, with two giant underground floors of food stalls extending several city blocks. The prim uniformed greeters will even bow as you enter.

There are 44 things listed to do for free at the Go Tokyo site, but this may be the strangest collection you ever see. Fancy a visit to the Sewage Museum? How about the Gas Science Museum or the National Diet Laboratory?

Temple with free admission in Tokyo

Thankfully, there are better options. You can Book a free walking tour of the Shinjuku commercial avenue through the Toyko tourist office and you can get the lay of the land with volunteers who speak English. You can also ride to the top of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office Building skyscraper and visit the observation room at no charge. There’s no admission for Sensoji Temple, the oldest in Tokyo. Get up early to stroll through the Tokyo Central Wholesale Market, otherwise known as the Tsukiji Fish Market. By either name it’s the world’s largest, with active auctions going on from 5 to 10 a.m. and 1,700 active stalls selling everything that moves in the ocean.

Elusive Bargains in London

How to visit London without spending a fortune

Traveling in England has gotten a bit less expensive for travelers since the Brexit vote hammered down their currency, which still hasn’t fully recovered. London is a popular destination for business travelers and well-heeled vacationers though, so you’ll pay dearly for those theater tickets and hot restaurants.

Travel cheaply in these five expensive cities (like London) with these tips and linksOn the plus side London has a better choice of hotels in all price ranges than most other European capitals and most of its fantastic museums are always free.

To find other bargains, go to the free attractions section of the Visit London website for an exhaustive rundown on free attractions, museums, and performances. Be sure to get a refillable Oyster Card if you’ll be using the Tube regularly. It cuts the ticket price down by half for your rides.

Want a unique free experience? Put yourself into a BBC show audience by reserving tickets for a TV show taping.

Penny Pinching in Paris

France is the most popular tourist destination on Earth, so restaurants and hotels in Paris don’t have to try very hard to stay full. Thankfully there are plenty of ways to save a euro besides sitting by the Seine eating baguettes and cheese.

Paris on a budget

Marie Curie’s laboratory? The home of Victor Hugo? Eau de toilette? Visiting the Louvre will cost you (unless you’re under 26), but plenty of less famous museums in Paris are free. Three of the municipal museums in the pedestrian-friendly Marais neighborhood are free: an art museum, a photography museum, and a Paris history museum. The Fragonard Perfume Museum doesn’t charge admission and it won’t cost you anything to visit the Cathedral of Notre Dame on your own, posed hunchback photos optional.

See a full listing of free attractions, museums, and show at the dedicated page on the Paris Tourism site.

Finding Travel Deals in New York City

New York City edges out San Francisco as the most expensive place to travel or live in the USA, partly because it has the highest-priced real estate. That impacts everything from New York City hotels to prices at that hole-in-the-wall restaurant. You can save a bit with a CityPass or other discount book for attractions, but finding the freebies will help even more.

There are a good number of free museums in New York City every day of the week, some all of the time and some on specific days. If you time it right, you can even check out the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) as well as most of the zoos and botanical gardens. Central Park is free, of course, and the long-running insider tip is to hop the free Staten Island Ferry to get a view of the Statue of Liberty and Lower Manhattan from the water. There are regular free concerts going on around the city, especially in the summer.

Oslo on a Budget

The whole of Scandinavia rivals Japan for eye-popping prices and it’s not easy to find a cheap place to sleep or eat in Oslo. With some advance planning and some time to enjoy nature, however, you can avoid spending your life savings on a visit.

Oslo free atttraction Akershus Fortress

For €41 a day or less, you can use the Oslo Pass to control costs. It gives you free entry to 30 museums and attractions, free travel on all public transport, free entry to outdoor swimming pools, free walking tours, and lots of discounts.

The city’s Oslo on a Budget website provides tips on free attractions and events, cheaper accommodation, and places to eat well for less.

Oslo has plenty of free outdoor concerts and cultural performances from June through September. Any month of the year you can keep your wallet tucked away for the popular Vigeland Sculpture Park. You don’t have to go very far to find good public hiking and biking trails around Oslo, no fees required. There are an incredible 40 islands and 343 lakes within the city limits.

You want Bonwi points? Go to London!
You want Bonwi points? Go to London!

So if you find a good flight deal to one of the expensive cities, don’t assume you can’t do it on a budget. Get a nice points payback when you book your hotel on Bonwi, then use the links above to keep the costs in check upon arrival.

Tim Leffel is author of books The World’s Cheapest Destinations and Make Your Travel Dollars Worth a Fortune. He runs the popular Cheapest Destinations Blog, running continuously since 2003.

Discounted Excursions from Metro North Railroad

Not only is taking the train romantic, it's scenic and you can get discounts to places where you can kayak, hike or even ski!
Not only is taking the train romantic, it’s scenic and you can get discounts to places where you can kayak, hike or even ski!

If you’re looking for an exciting trip to take for less, Metro-North Railroad is offering a discounted getaway to see the sights in New York City, Connecticut, and Hudson Valley.

Metro-North Railroad is now featuring trips to various different locations that are major areas of interest for tourists, travelers, and locals alike.

The railroad has created several different day-trip and vacation package deals that make a day of traveling a breeze for any tourist.

Metro-North has organized several different trips to attractions in various areas that include a discounted price for admission and a corresponding railroad route that delivers travelers to each destination.

The most recent additions for 2018 have been to their New York City getaway options. Metro-North Railroad has one of the least expensive options to travel to Manhattan, and there is frequent service.

You can get discounts to the most popular attractions in the Big Apple from Metro North railroad.
You can get discounts to the most popular attractions in the Big Apple from Metro North railroad.

Frequent service allows travelers to come and go as they please with lots of room in the rail car; lots of seats for you, your family, and friends.

Several different attractions and museums are featured by Metro-North Railroad, such as the American Museum of Natural History, Grand Central Terminal ‘Official’ Audio Tour, Guggenheim Museum, Gulliver Gate, Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum, Madame Tussauds New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, New York Historical Society, National Geographic Encounter, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, the New York Pass, the Sightseeing Pass, and the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Metro-North also has getaways to the Hudson Valley, Connecticut, the Bronx, various outdoor adventures, farms with apple picking, bike tours, walking tours, and shopping destinations. They even have an excursion to Thunder Ridge Ski area in Patterson, New York!

In order to receive discounted rates on attractions and railroad tickets, you must hold on to your itinerary for rail times. Package prices come into play when you arrive at a certain railroad station and then go to the nearby associated attraction.

An example of this is the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum, an attraction on the Metro-North’s Getaways to the Hudson Valley, Connecticut, and Beyond.

The deal that you receive through Metro-North applies to your ticket to the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum if you arrive at the GCT/Harlem-125th Street. There are also other package prices available from other stations.

Take a Metro North train to go skiing, kayaking, or hiking in nearby Connecticut!
Take a Metro North train to go skiing, kayaking, or hiking in nearby Connecticut!

You can purchase your rail/admission ticket from any Metro-North ticket office, full-service ticket vending machine.  Visit website for more information.

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Gulliver’s Gate Brings the World in Miniature to Times Square

Gulliver's Gate is a giant 3D model of the entire world laid out inside the former New York Times building, where people can walk as if they are giants among a tiny created world.
Gulliver’s Gate is a giant 3D model of the entire world laid out inside the former New York Times building, where people can walk as if they are giants among a tiny created world.

You can pay a visit to Times Square in Manhattan, New York any day and you will surely be bombarded will thousands of eager tourists wanting to see the city.

You are also likely to be approached by a topless woman with painted breasts, or the Naked Cowboy, strumming his guitar in his skivvies, asking if you want to pose for a photo next to them.

However, the city is about to get a whole lot busier as its new attraction called Gulliver’s Gate becomes more and more popular.

On the floor of the former New York Times Building, (kind of neat!), the 23,000 square-foot space is the new home to Gulliver’s Gate. It took a whole slew of engineers and designers to replicate the phenomenal view of the Big Apple, not to mention it took 358 days to create.

The metropolis exhibit, opened on May 9, features miniature 3-D models of the city, including more than 300 tiny buildings and over 1,000 model train cars. There is no doubt that you will feel like the giant from Gulliver’s Travels after peering down at dwarf-sized printed replicas of Times Square, Grand Central Terminal, and other scenes from around the world.

There is no doubt that you will feel like the giant from Gulliver’s Travels after peering down at dwarf-sized printed replicas of Times Square, Grand Central Terminal, and other scenes from around the world.

You don’t even need to travel to Beijing, Buenos Aires, or Israel because they are culturally diverse displays created from all of these places, and more! Some models are even interactive, bringing the displays to life.

Guests can choose to either buy a timed ticket for $31, which allows them to book a certain day or time, or buy a flex ticket for $41, which permits them to go whenever they please. The easiest way to buy tickets it through their online website at

Located on 216 W 44th Street, the exhibit opens every day at 9 a.m. If you’re not impressed yet, you can also become a citizen of Gulliver’s Gate, which entails getting yourself scanned and becoming a miniature 3-D replica human in the display. You then receive your very own framed photo of the “mini you” and you will also be given a lifetime discount for anytime you want to go back.

If you’re looking to change your own perspective, well literally I guess, stop by Times Square and visit this new attraction. Find the best deal on a NYC hotel room and use Bonwi points for a return visit!

Talk about living large!