Rome Offers Many Unique Hotels

Rome Hassler Hotel
Elizabeth Unique Hotel, Rome.
Elizabeth Unique Hotel, Rome.

New places are always popping up around the city of Rome, but two new and improved options, both near the famous Spanish Steps in the city center, are great options for your next stop in the Eternal City.

Elizabeth Unique Hotel

As of January 2018, the Elizabeth Unique Hotel of Rome has reaped as a newly restored 17th-century palace. Inside the centuries-old palazzo, the boutique hotel is located just a few minutes walk from the famous Spanish Steps in the pedestrianized Via del Corso neighborhood. With thirty-three freshly renovated guest rooms, Elizabeth’s quarters are perfect for savvy travelers with antique wallpaper, couture, one-of-a-kind textiles, and incredibly varnished floors.

The guest rooms’ canopy beds welcome visitors as they sip espresso while taking in the breathtaking views from outside their window. The living room offers guests a relaxing atmosphere to wind down in after their day of sightseeing in the city, complete with a fireplace or their garden terrace.

Centrally located and tragically chic, the Elizabeth Unique Hotel’s contemporary style, innovative use of technology, trendy bar, and international team offer guests an unforgettable stay in the city on seven hills.

Rome Hassler Hotel
Rome Hassler hotel

Roma Hassler Hotel

If you’re looking for a more historic accommodation, a notable Roman property, and another uniquely non-chain lodging option, the Hassler is a fan favorite. Owned and operated by the same family since the early twentieth century, perched atop the Spanish Steps, the Hassler is overridden by Roman style and personality.

Three newly renovated suites were recently revealed, adding more appeal to this timeless classic. At their in-house bistro, Italian fusion cuisine is served to guests, dishes like tandoori-style duck and cacio e pepe risotto, all while overlooking beautiful panoramic views of Rome.

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Rome’s 21st Century Attractions

Rome's MAXXI museum.
Rome’s MAXXI museum: Art from the 21st Century in the ancient city.

When most people think of Rome they picture the Pantheon, the Coliseum, and the like. While these landmarks should definitely make the cut for your Rome vacation itinerary, there are many other things to see in the Italian capital.

Rome’s MAXXI, or National Museum of the 21st Century Arts, features contemporary works and is even contemporary in its smooth and sleek exterior. Inside the museum, guests can gaze at beautiful exhibitions of modern photography, architecture, and other art. This is not your average Roman landmark!

There are more than a few Catholic Churches in Rome, that’s for sure. But, there aren’t any Catholic Churches quite like Chiesa di Dio Padre Misericordioso. This modern church was completed in 2003 and resides in Rome’s Tor Tre Teste neighborhood. The Church is represented as a boat, a well-known analogy, which is made clear by the building’s sail-shaped roof panels that can appear as one or multiple structures, depending on the angle from which you view the building.

This church is another example of Rome’s 21st Century vision.

Catholic Church Modern in Rome.
Catholic Church Modern in Rome

After visiting some of Rome’s contemporary attractions, grab a bite at these new restaurants:

Birra del Borgo has an admirable dedication to beer production and features 24 draft beers. The restaurant has fabulous pizza, regional cheeses, and fresh pasta. There’s also plenty of room with a 50-seat dining room, a lounge with couches, stools at the bar, 14 seats reserved for special events, and more. Not to mention, Birra del Borgo also has its very own art exposition in collaboration with Varsi, a Roman art gallery!

While the name Bagel Town may sound like an American fast food joint, I can assure you that is not the case. Rome’s Bagel Town combines quality organic ingredients with street food for an affordable yet gourmet culinary experience. You can enjoy classic, gourmet, and dessert types of Panini “with a hole” (col buco in Italian). Why not have a bagel with smoked salmon, crispy spinach, and Thai sauce!

A bagel with smoked salmon from Bagel Town, in Rome.
A bagel with smoked salmon from Bagel Town, in Rome.


When planning your trip to Rome, consider staying at these fine, new hotels:

The UNA Hotel Roma is centrally located in Rome’s historical hotbed just minutes from multiple sites such as the Coliseum, the Opera House, the Spanish Steps, and much more. With on site healthy Italian breakfasts, and internal garage, babysitting service, free wi-fi access, and more, the UNA Hotel Roma is a great choice for any traveler!

For a luxurious and relaxing stay, try the Boscolo Exedra Roma. This gorgeous hotel offers multiple kinds of rooms ranging from classic rooms to presidential suites, has its own incredible spa, pool, gym with personal trainers, and much more. And guests will never go hungry with the Lobby Bar, the Posh Terrace, the Breakfast Room La Frusta, the Champagnerie Tazio, and the Gallery Bar and Restaurant Tazio all on the hotel’s premises!

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Rome: When is the Best Time to Go, and Which Hotel to Choose?

Look at the giant line waiting to enter Rome's Colisseum during the summer. A better choice would be to go off season if you can.
Look at the giant line waiting to enter Rome’s Colosseum during the summer. A better choice would be to go off-season if you can.

When is the best time to visit Rome?  April to June and late September to October are the best months for a visit to the Eternal City — temperatures are usually mild and the crowds aren’t quite so intense.

Starting in mid-June, the summer rush really picks up, and from July to mid-September, the country teems with visitors. I can attest to this first hand, having spent a few weeks in and around Rome in September when I thought all would be clear.

But Italy, when it’s crowded in the summer, can be pretty unbearable since everything isn’t air conditioned and people need a lot of personal space just to gesticulate their feelings with their hands, as we all know Italians are famous for doing.

But in Italy, when it’s crowded, it can be pretty unbearable since everything isn’t air conditioned and people need a lot of personal space just to gesticulate their feelings with their hands, as we all know Italians are famous for doing.

Think about visiting Rome completely offseason–since much of what you want to do there isn’t weather dependent anyway.  These hotels are highlights that were chosen by the Espresso Blog, published by Select Italy, a tour operator specializing in all things Italy.

The Fortyseven Hotel is described like this, by blog author Elizabeth Salthouse:

“Nestled between the historic Roman Forum, Circus Maximus and the fast flowing Tiber River, the Fortyseven is an elegant haven of luxury in the center of Rome. Each floor is styled in tribute to one of Italy’s great contemporary artists with Modigliani, Mastroianni, and Greco just three of the masters acknowledged. And the artistic theme continues to the rooms, where chic Art Deco detailing and contemporary art make each one unique.

The Inn at the Roman Forum gets another thumbs up from Elizabeth, as it’s just steps from the ancient forum, a huge tourist draw for the ages. This hotel has views, unforgettable views, over the Forum, Palatine and Capitoline Hills.

Not only can you bask in view of the more modern “wedding cake” building that towers over the ancient forum, the imposing Altare della Patria, a memorial to the city’s first King, but there is another surprise. Inside the hotel itself are more ancient ruins below the floors. Guests can follow down a small passageway to see a stone gallery adorned with artwork from ancient Romans, right below the hotel!

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Rome By Segway

Rome Segway Tour night

Touring Rome during the day is an incredible experience, but Rome by Segway has officially given sightseeing a new name with their nighttime personalized Segway tours.

Stroll around with seven other people and get a glimpse of the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain as they illuminate the night sky.

There is no such thing as limited nightlife in Rome. As soon as the last speck of sun leaves the horizon, the bars and restaurants begin to cater to the large crowds of people. Visit all of Rome’s local spots and see the city’s nightlife in action.

While you’re cruising, want a glass of wine? Flatbread pizza? No worries, your tour guide will point out the best spots and you’ll be able to stop at your own convenience. The easy going atmosphere of the tour allows guests to take their time, absorb the festivities, and hop back on the Segway when they are ready.

Located near the Colosseum, the tour begins at the Rome by Segway office. You’ll be riding in style with a flashy yellow vest and helmet, provided by your

Rome's Colosseum up close with the Segways.
Rome’s Colosseum up close with the Segways.

tour guide. Never rode a Segway before? Luckily you’ll have a 30-minute brisk training session so you won’t embarrass yourself on the road.

The laid back tour costs around 80 euros and lasts about 3 and a half hours. For a little extra, you can choose to have a private tour. Your tour leader will bring you past ruins and ancient temples, revealing the hidden mysteries of

the archaic city. Piazza Navona and Campo de’ Fiori are also common destinations you will see, however you can personalize the itinerary depending on the group’s preferences.

If you are looking for a romantic evening with you partner or even a fun group activity for the family, make sure you grab the opportunity to see Rome at night. Besides, you’ll cover a lot more ground on Segway than on foot, the more sightseeing the better!

So forget the overpacked tour bus, and opt for a nighttime eco-friendly adventure of Rome with Rome by Segway.  If a trip to Rome is in your future, use Bonwi to find a hotel room and get points for a future trip, or a return trip to the Eternal City!