Robots in Hotels? Yes, That’s Happening Right Now

At the Yotel hotel in New York, the 'Yobot' fetches your luggage.
A TUG robot hard at work at a new Sheraton hotel in Los Angeles.
A TUG robot hard at work at a new Sheraton hotel in Los Angeles.

How would you react to a robot showing you to your room? How about if a robot answered the door when you called for room service?

This is already happening at some hotels in the US, and inevitably, if trends continue, robots to help with simple tasks like these will be a part of every large hotel in the years ahead.

It all started with hospitals.  The Tugg robots that have been used for several years to monitor patients and distribute medications have morphed into the hospitality business.  A story on detailed this latest trend.

“Ahead of their time, the brand new Sheraton Los Angeles San Gabriel is paving way for a new generation of hotel experiences, and memorable ones at that.

“When it opened in January 2018, the Sheraton Los Angeles San Gabriel Hotel not only its sleek and modern design was new, they also brought in robots that help out as staff members. Some robots show guests to the elevators and to their rooms, and others bring room service to hotel rooms.”

This new hotel has eight of the robots working in various capacities, from showing guests to their rooms, to helping deliver room service requests for guests, said Wanda Chan, general manager of the Sheraton LA San Gabriel.

And on the East Coast, the innovative Yotel hotel chain has also employed the shiny new aluminum employees, first as a novelty and now in a similar capacity as the Sheraton.  It started at Yotel with a robot that fetched luggage, called the Yobot. This robot has been around since the hotel opened in 2013, and stays behind a glass wall.

At the Yotel hotel in New York, the 'Yobot' fetches your luggage.
At the Yotel hotel in New York, the ‘Yobot’ fetches your luggage.

Now the UK-based chain is taking their robots to a new level, with a pair of  room service robots in the newest property in Singapore.  Need extra towels, or more hangers?  One of them will bring it to you.  They’ve learned how to operate the elevators and can navigate all over the different floors for guest rooms, delivering to the cabins and singing songs as they depart.

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With or without a robot to serve you.


Boston: Yotel Brings the Future of Lodging

Yotel's unique beds fold up into couches, making a small room that much bigger.
The newest Yotel, in Boston's Seaport district, will open in the city in summer 2017.
The newest Yotel, in Boston’s Seaport District, will open in the city in summer 2017.

In New York City, there is an incredibly modern and groundbreaking hotel called the YOTEL. This luxurious and futuristic hotel is located just two blocks west of Times Square on the corner of Tenth Avenue and West 42nd Street.

Apart from its convenient location that keeps guests in the heart of the Big Apple, YOTEL offers a totally unique hotel experience. From the check-in process to the abundance of amenities, YOTEL has qualities you just won’t find in other hotels.

The beds, for example, fold up into a couch, and while the rooms are small, it never feels crowded since they have big windows and it’s all laid out very sensibly.

Checking into the YOTEL is a quick and simple procedure with self-service check-in kiosks. The YOBOT, a robot designed to store luggage, goes hard at work to ensure secure and efficient luggage storage. YOTEL’s reception desk, better known to the institution as “Mission Control,” assists guests with any needs and offers concierge services.

Yotel's unique beds fold up into couches, making a small room that much bigger.
Yotel’s unique beds fold up into couches, making a small room that much bigger.

And YOTEL’s rooftop terrace offers guests a fantastic place to eat, drink, and just relax while enjoying magnificent views. In New York, it’s the biggest outdoor terrace in the whole city!

 And guess what? YOTEL will be opening a Boston location this summer! The new YOTEL is situated in Boston’s Innovation District in the heart of Boston’s lovely Seaport neighborhood, among such sights as The Institute of Contemporary Art, The Rose Kennedy Greenway, and the World Trade Center.

The Boston property will be home to “326 amazing cabins featuring YOTEL’s signature SmartBeds, monsoon showers, Smart TVs, super-fast and free Wi-fi,” said Christopher Hartzell, the new General Manager for YOTEL Boston, in a recent interview.

The new property will include a Club Lounge on the ground floor, and a Sky Lounge and Rooftop Terrace, “offering indoor and outdoor spaces for cocktailing, dining, socializing, meeting or just enjoying the panoramic water and neighborhood views,” stated Hartzell.

YOTEL’s oddities put this marvelous hotel ahead of the competition. Hartzell noted, “YOTEL Boston offers a fresh and innovative approach to hospitality. We take the essential elements of luxury hotels and place them into smart spaces while redefining time for the guest experience, all at very competitive rates.”

Once the YOTEL Boston doors open this July, the Boston Seaport neighborhood will finally be home to a whole new innovative hotel unseen to Beantown. Book your stay today at and be one of the first guests to visit the new Boston property.       

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