Tips for Flying Like a Pro


Whether for business or pleasure, flying can be stressful. Take note of these expert tips, and you’ll step off the plane feeling relaxed and ready for whatever awaits you at your final destination.


Drink up. Water, that is. Air travel is incredibly dehydrating, so drink water throughout the flight. Pilots and Flight Attendants recommend drinking a quart of water for every hour of flight. Bring an empty reusable water bottle and ask a flight attendant to fill it for you. Avoid drinking too much alcohol. This will lead to dehydration, grogginess and may exacerbate jet lag.

Request a “Special Meal”

Vegetarian, gluten-free or kosher meals are typically served and cleared first, which allow you to relax and get to sleep sooner. These meals are healthier, which is also an added bonus.

Loose Clothing

Comfortable clothing will make a flight more enjoyable. Long flights can mean going from freezing to overheated and back again. Wearing layers will keep your body at a comfortable temperature. Bring a scarf as a fashion accessory, a blanket and even lumbar support.

Sit by the Plane’s Wing

Many experts claim that the seats by a plane’s wing experience less turbulence since they are closer to the plane’s center of gravity.

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